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Is education any good?

Some people believe in superstition, touch wood.

To educate means to draw out not to force in.

Look it up, begin.

Half the subjects in university are there to make money for the university, they are not real, you see.

Can art appreciation be taught, can knowledge be bought?

What’s wrong with working with your hands, with tools?

The working class are taken for fools.

Maths and science, reading and writing, they are good. And some few others, use your common sense, you should.

Don’t let them turn you into a fool at school.

Tich Ennis

20th June, 2017

Serious Matters

It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Am I delirious?

Fake news and all that, is a dog a cat?

Fancy that.

The real thing is Spring, after Winter, you know the thing.

Can you trust anyone or anything at all?

Graffiti on a wall.

That’s not all.

I suppose you’ll have to trust yourself or me.

The truth will set you free.

Tich Ennis

17th June, 2017


Do you use deodorant? No sweat.

What’s this, another stinking ad I’ll bet.

Because you’re worth it die in a dung heap.

Hopefully while you’re asleep.

Is it vulgar, is it rude to mention unmentionables, is it crude?

Is your name Ermintrude?

Why is a Latin name of a body part alright but not to say fart?

The scent of roses poets talk about, they don’t say smell.

It seems to me the same thing, oh well.

If you had a bath or shower you would not stink.

That’s what I think.

Tich Ennis

17th June, 2017

A Joke

I told a joke, you didn’t get it.

I am your fate, you haven’t met it.

Use the joke test, it is best.

If you want a lawer tell him or her a joke, don’t buy a pig in a poke.

If they don’t get the joke, run away.

I have more to say.

If they are dumb they are not smart, they will break your heart.

The one who does not want to know, don’t give that one a go.

Are you slow?

A five year old said my dad is a lawyer, honest, asked the other?

No, just the regular kind like your brother.

Get this straight, many lawyers are thick as a plank.

They care only about their money in the bank.

To be frank.

They use big words in order to delude.

I might say more but I don’t want to be rude.

It’s not really funny when they only want your money.

I laugh that I may not weep.

I worked for a legal creep.

He is dead.

Enough said.

Tich Ennis

8th May, 2017


Fashion is a passing fad, if you fall in love with it you’re mad.

Fashion is a passing thing, when young, have your fling.

To Hell with bling.

You are unique, the only one, fate and fortune’s misbegotten son.

If you are a girl give life a whirl.

Let us not be gender specific, all are one, all terrific.

If you decide not to be please don’t call on me.

You are your work of art, a copycat is not smart.

When do you start?

Tich Ennis

3rd May, 2017


Do we ever do anything other than by conditioning? Are we headless chickens?

The plot thickens.

Are you you because of you or some other who?

If I was you what would you do?

Am I responsible for me?

Do you see?

Hell, persuaders are everywhere.

Breathing the same air.

Do I care?

Are you a sheep in a shroud, one of the crowd?

Is thinking allowed?

Tich Ennis

2nd May, 2017


Stop saying rubbish isn’t rubbish that’s rubbish.

What rhymes with rubbish?

You know who you are, you bore me to death.

I haven’t finished yet.

You may be in for God’s sake art or so help me politics.

Hell, your act is dirty tricks.

Its good if you like it and not if you don’t.

You don’t fool me, you try but you won’t.

Tich Ennis

27th April, 2017