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True Politician

If you want something you’re not entitled to don’t ask me.

I don’t agree.

I believe in equality.

Writing a letter to some department would waste my time and theirs.

Try saying prayers.

I’m here to make things better for the good, not bad.

Don’t make us drive each other mad.

What part of no do you not understand, do I make myself clear?

Get out of my ear.

Don’t come back here.

If you or your relative has been found guilty of a crime, serve your time.

Don’t waste mine.

Politics is not dirty tricks whatever you may think.

Is your problem drink?

Don’t ask me to do what you can do, I am not your nanny.

Or your granny.

If you have a question for a department don’t ask me, ask them, use your brain.

Is that a strain?

The answer I get would be no different, what makes you think it would?

Some politicians are no good.

If you want to let them fool you, go ahead.

You might as well stay in bed.

I have better things to do than waste time with time wasters like you.

Other politicians pretend, they make no difference in the end.

Ring Joe Duffy to complain and whine and moan.

It proves you can use the phone.

You are entitled to fair and honest treatment, that’s all.

If you want more go talk to the wall.

I do not lie, don’t ask me to.

I won’t lie for you.

Its called being true.

You’d try the patience of a saint.

A saint I ain’t.

Nor are you.

That’s make two.

Tich Ennis

28th May, 2019



Who will get most drunk after the election, those who lost or those who won?

To the electorate elections are fun.

We see them squabbling, we say they’re all the same.

Is politics a game?

Some say the army should take over, or maybe Kim Il Jung.

Have it your way, have the best songs been sung?

Why must I vote?

To rock the boat?

At least keep us afloat.

Many say no one would vote for me.

I agree.

Wait and see.

Historic history.

Shall I destroy the virginity of my voting slip?

Shoot from the hip.

That’s my tip.

Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die.

Don’t ask why.

Angelic voices say put me in the choir.

What do you promise, Heaven or Hellfire?

At least you’re a trier.

Don’t drive on a flat tyre.

Mr. and Miss Santa Claus, must I believe?

God bless your innocence, may you achieve.

Tich Ennis

21st May, 2019

Old Man

Can an old man send himself back into battle when young?

Should he say this time I won’t bite my tongue?

War has been described as when old men send young men out to die.

My young self is not quite dead, I don’t know why.

Is that what I am doing?

Apart from wooing.

All’s fair in love and war is a saying I have heard.

I don’t believe a word.

So I tell it as it is.

Politics is basically showbiz.

I don’t mean they never get it right.

Sometimes after a fight.

I dislike fighting, wrongs need righting.

I favour love and truth and all that stuff.

No, it is not guff.

Apply it in real life, what can I do, I write.

Day and night.

I also vote sometimes and do things other people do.

Like enjoy music and good humour, I presume I am the same as you.

I have friends too.

Van Gogh sold nothing in his life except one time.

I sold a rhyme.

I live and feed and eat and breathe oh yes, and drink.

When young I did not always think.

I like good people in whatever walk of life.

People doing their best and caring, with a butcher’s or a surgeon’s knife.

A drug is what you take to blot out life when you feel it is not good enough, it gives fake happiness, a substitute.

Jesus Christ, who speaks the truth?

Drugs are popular in many forms, perverted good.

I would explain it better if I could.

I am not one who doesn’t want to know.

Words no one wants to hear, I told you so.

The sad and tragic truth is we all do know, very well.

So why is life Hell?

Possibly on my gravestone I will write, oh well.

It seems pretty stupid to fight against false Gods, tremendous odds.

However, I am Irish, I don’t care and I do.

The Irish love talking, should I leave it all to you?

With my dying breath should I say I love you?

Whatever, I am still alive, not yet 95.

I would like a better world, a healthy Earth.

I give you my words for what they’re worth.

I want a world where every child is safe, why spell it out?

I am Irish, I don’t shut my mouth.

In the end of course I will be dead.

It will not be the case it was not said.

I could have stayed in bed.

I am awake, alive, who is not?

Not only those who have been shot.

Those who do not speak or act or care.

If you do, let me say I too am there.

Here and now and I care too.

Live your life, be yourself, that’s all I do.

Its sometime since I ate an Irish stew.

I do know wrong from right, must I fight?

Not when I say fighting is wrong, it depends what you mean by fight.

I love day and night.

I have not forgotten how to love, including conversation.

We are a talkative nation.

I’ll leave it at that, did I go on too long?

Should life be a sad or happy song?

Why can’t we get along?

I am alive, I have not given up.

I will not shut up.

As far as wrong goes, don’t.

As far as right goes, do.

I talk to you.

As far as I myself am personally concerned I should probably give myself a good talking to.

Wouldn’t you?

May a person who is imperfect preach perfection?

I myself am open to correction.

At least try.

Do I?

The evidence lies before you, do you want more?

I find myself not guilty of failing to adore.

I am no hanging judge, at least in my own case.

Sometimes I do not wash my face.

My clothes are a disgrace.

This does not invalidate what I say, I stick by every word.

And some you have not heard.

I hope this epic has not made you sick.

And did the trick.

I preach perfection, I give lessons, I am a trainee.

On that we may agree.

Don’t be like me.

Perhaps someday you may give evening classes at night.

And tell me not to talk shite.


Tich Ennis

19th May, 2019

In Real Life

So I live in real life.

I have not got a wife.

That would be too real for me.

And not enough for her, you see.

But, so, real life, what is it, politics?

What, dirty tricks?

I will dip my toe in.

Soon I begin.

In an advisory capacity.

I like veracity.

Some may say about time.

I live not only in rhyme.

Yes, ok, I’ll have a go.

People can only say no.

I am not an election candidate.

That can wait.

Most likely forever.

Never say never.

Tich Ennis

17th May, 2019


I am a man of unimpeachable character said the president of the United States.

Impeachment comes to the president who waits.

We can’t avoid our fates.

Yes, not all presidents are impeached, I could name one or two.

Could you?

Politics is a rough game all the same.

You need a thick skin and a desire to win.

Some say its showbusiness, others say no business.

Some are quite good, Lincoln did what he could.

They are much maligned by the other side.

What man has nothing to hide?

Self belief counts for a lot.

Some get shot.

I’d rather not.

Tich Ennis

14th May, 2019


Is there any point talking about them, will they ever make sense?

When will they come off the fence?

Perceptions are important some politician said here and one not so far.

They think it matters how things look, not how they are.

The reason politicans speak the way they do is because they are trying to hide the fact they’re saying nothing said Orwell.

That’s why we live in Hell.

Tich Ennis

2nd February, 2019

Leo Varadkar

Leo has no baggage, he’s not descended from the civil war.

He’s half Indian, he’s part of what we are.

The reason things have gone haywire is because we have a gay taoiseach here.

That’s what a taxi driver said, not a queer.

The middle class see the working class as racist, both have their flaws.

Who acts smug and superior, who writes the laws?

Not everyone is mad or bad, don’t get me wrong.

Will Leo be elected next time, or will we say so long?

He is logical, not an Irish way to be.

He suits me.

I decided to write about real people, why not?

Who do you think should be shot?

Not your lot.

I know how you think, its very evident.

At least I said what I meant.

When you do let me know.

You have a long way to go.

I decided to write about real people, someone said there are none.

Am I one?

Tich Ennis

17th January, 2019