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How I Know

God keeps kicking me in the balls. That’s how I know there is a God. I said that to someone, he laughed. How does God kick me in the balls? Things don’t work out as planned, promises made are broken, words are not spoken. Alright, I have other reasons for believing in God which I won’t go into here. Life? I will go on until the bitter end. Possibly it won’t be bitter, it hasn’t happened yet. Hence these words. I am alive, very much so.

My ambition is to write like an angel, never writing or speaking or doing anything that would harm a child in any respect. That ambition is unrealised but not unrealisable. The very first words here prove my ambition is not yet realised, achieved. May I apologise to all the children in the world, read Winnie The Pooh, which was read to me as an innocent child. I and innocence are long since separated although I am approaching or may have already arrived at my second childhood.

In all innocence may I say I have nothing to say. With some exceptions. How may I regain my innocence in this vale of tears? Its not for want of trying. If I could prove to you there is a God, as real as my sense of humour, as large as life and twice as natural, beyond the shadow of a doubt, God being truth, much ignored and treated as non-existent, a thing of nothing, and what’s more, an entity, then what?

Unfortunately as an imperfect human being I cannot prove the existence of perfection but, as I said, I will die trying. Not yet. Possibly with my last gasp I will reveal the truth. Wait and see. And hear. I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Patience. It’s a virtue. Virtue is in short supply. If you have to ask you can’t afford it. Is life a price worth paying? There’s nothing else worth having. This has become a bit rambly.

I am made of my past, sins and all. Of omission and commission. Looking forward to the future. What else is there to look forward to? I have not achieved perfection. Join the club. When I achieve perfection I will write the perfect piece of writing, perfection will have arrived. Await the day. I hope neither you nor I must wait much longer.

How long is a piece of string? It depends where you cut it. If you get there first let me know.

Here’s hoping.

Tich Ennis

Thursday, 23rd July, 2020


Hints of perfection in the day today.

I am old its cold.

In July why?

Still its early days yet.

Don’t fret.

Later maybe I may listen to the radio.

Brendan has a good show.

He wasn’t there yesterday someone else instead.

I hope he’s not dead.

I may buy the paper later on the Sunday one the only one I buy.

There is some good stuff there they try.

Possibly the weather may clear up and become warm.

Hints of charm.

Its early in the morning I sit outside.

My mother died.

She brought up six children on her own.

Sometime I speak on the phone.

Presently I live alone.

A poem is never finished its abandoned Gabby said.

I am not dead.

Tich Ennis

Sunday, 5th July, 2020

What Is Alex Markovich?

Alex asks this question, What Am I, on his blog at zen.taxi@yahoo but does not appear to allow for any answer. A rehetorical question is one to which no answer is expected or which the questioner answers themself. I will attempt an answer nevertheless, partly by way of analogy, from my own experience.

The short answer is you are a good or very good photographer and a good painter. My standards are high, my good is someone else’s excellent.

At junior school at the age of ten I (and 29 other boys) were told we are vehicles for the truth. I thought, I don’t know the truth. Although I had not put this thought into words at that age my idea of the truth was (and is) that it is something said in words but not done. In later life I became a writer, hoping to rectify that matter. At least get it right in words.

Words mean nothing except as a precursor to action. Fine words butter no parsnips. And so on, ad nauseam and ad aeturnum.

Therefore, using myself as a metaphor for Alex Markovich, so is he a vehicle for the truth, and a fine job he does of it in photography.

In one of my more recent (many) poems I said I was implied at the birth of the universe. So also Alex. Was he always, is he always, will he always be? In a sense yes. By the way Alex, you share one characteristic with me, you are prolific. People might get tired of me and you. But your stuff is good. I say that at the risk of repeating myself, boringly.

As to what you are and what purpose you serve, figure that out for yourself.   That’s your job.

Also, at school, at more or less the same age, I (and the others) were told our object must be to attain perfection but perfection is impossible. That also must be your object. It is mine. In your work if nothing else. Your greatest work is and should be yourself.

A taxi driver later confirmed to me unasked that there’s no such thing as perfection. Prove him wrong, for God’s sake, Alex! Its what we’re all waiting for.

Time, space and matter are illusions according to Rovelli so why does your place or part in them matter? Another question for you.

I don’t know much about you Alex, I am 79 and I still don’t know the answers. Ask an older person. And wiser.

You may not read this unless you became a follower of my blog, which I don’t think you did. So you may die curious.

I have more to say, after all I am a writer, not to speak of an Irishman, but will stop now. Keep on carrying on. Do your best. I hope you pass the test.

Tich Ennis

Sunday, 3rd May, 2020


Its not essential for my friends to believe in God, if it was I wouldn’t have many friends.

How can I make amends?

Some young guys do but almost no one.

God is king of fun.

And everything you love, which is made for you.

We seek perfection too.

That’s for you to do.

If you expect this life to be perfect you expect a lot.

Right now its all you’ve got.

Tich Ennis

Wednesday, 29th April, 2020


I am a prototype for an improved human being.

Can you believe what you’re seeing?

But I thought I was ok, you say.

You couldn’t be more wrong, can you write a rock’n’roll song?

If not, get along.

Evolution has by no means come to an end, my friend.

You ain’t seen nothing yet, you bet.

Perfection is around the corner, wait and see.

Look at me.

My ego is quite big I say in all humility.

Await serendipity.

Performing flea.

Tich Ennis

Friday, 13th March, 2020

God Versus The Devil

Which is right?

I could go on all night?

Can God convince the Devil to change his spots?

Tie him up in knots.

Or the Devil change God’s point of view.

Say be like me, not you.

The jury is out in the great debate.

We await our fate.

Can they tolerate?

Each other and their mother.

Wait for the conclusion.

Avoid delusion.

I am on God’s side.

The Devil has the sin of pride.

It goes on inside.

At least the Devil tried.

Who comes out on top?

Will war ever stop?

Call a cop.

The battle is life long.

Angelic song.

Finally victory.

With help from me.

Will I wait until I die?




Now. Now. Now.

For all time.

About time too.

Me and you.

Know what to do.

Everlasting song.

Righting wrong.

Winning post.

Holy Ghost.

The Devil is burned toast.

God is the prize.

The Devil lies.

The perfect ending.


Tich Ennis

Wednesday, 11th March, 2020

The Perfect Doctor

The perfect doctor cares more about his or her patient’s life and health than his or her own.

Have you met one, are you alone?

Of course, if a doctor dies then who will cure?

Don’t ask me, I am not sure.

The doctor should take all necessary precautions to preserve his or her own health which, may I say, has a bearing on his wealth.

We are all in favour of mom and apple pie and don’t want to die.

Including I.

Luckily cancer is not catching although some things are.

In those cases keep a bottle of disinfectant in the car.

Do you care more about yourself than me?

Mr. banker, you and I do not agree.

Mutual self help seems best to me.

Am I the perfect patient, I am rarely ill, do I do as I am told?

Not always, I am quite old.

I could be called mr. careless and no hypochondriac.

More or less the opposite, I’m on a different tack.

I don’t waste much doctor’s time, I waste my own.

All things considered I am in good shape, flesh and bone.

Sooner or later I’ll be for the knacker’s yard.

When the worst comes to the worst doctor, try hard.

In my endless search for perfection have I found there’s no such thing?

It may be in the eye of the beholder, however, it is king.

Tich Ennis

Wednesday, 11th March, 2020

The Plot

Was I born perfect? If so I lost the plot.

I forgot.

I have been not so bad or ok sometimes.

I committed minor crimes.

My standards are extremely high, I may arrive at them before I die.

I will not and do not overstate my case.

I am no unmitigated disgrace.

I strayed from perfection in thought and deed and attitude.

I told stories that were rude.

Possibly my idea of a saint is an impossible ideal, I am not and never was one then, but the impossible can’t be true.

Maybe no for me, maybe yes for you.

This is rather mixed up, so am I.

I aspire very high.

The point is about leaving my past behind me, a lot of it is very funny.

Would God agree, say that’s life, your life, don’t forget it, some of it regret it, you did not dedicate yourself to money.

May I, an imperfect man, give expression to the truth in perfect form?

Considering in more than one way in my past I deviated from the norm?

You have no clue what I mean when I don’t say and won’t, my crimes were trivial but as I say my standards are high.

Higher than the sky.

As to question one above all is possible with love.

Therefore yes, a bad man can be good.

When I think an answer comes and so it should.

Can I be both bad and good?

A stupid question, not at the same time.

To concentrate on goodness is no crime.

I can do that, I know, I’ve done it too.

And will for you.

Tich Ennis

Tuesday, 3rd March, 2020


My climb up the ladder of perfection is a work in progress.

A mess.

I confess.

Not to a priest, myself at least.

I must forgive.

Live and let live.

We’re in this together, whatever the weather.

I agree no one should be shot.

Definitely not.

We must deal with people whose past we hate, we live now, the past must wait.

That anyway is my recipe.

Who is the chef, who makes tea?

Lets all picnic by the sea.

Do we agree?

How about me?

Wait and see.

Do I make myself crystal clear?

Bring beer.

Tich Ennis

Sunday, 16th February, 2020


I am rather unique, perfecting me would take a week.

Isn’t that a great line, I wrote it, its fine.

I do it all the time.

Ok I should not say I’m great or anything I say or do.

I leave that up to you.

I am well aware a person or thing is either unique or not.

To say otherwise is rot.

I care a lot.

I learned to read and write for what?

I forgot.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 15th February, 2020