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No One’s Perfect

Not even me.

If you want a perfect person wait and see.

Was there one in history?

Not as far as I can see.

One day I may speak differently.

Until then I let things be.

With a little help from me.

Tich Ennis

Friday, 27th September, 2019

Bad Habits

Should I give up bad habits though I’m old?

Be as good as gold?

Must I be perfect in everything I say and do?

You be perfect first, I’ll wait for you.

Tich Ennis

23rd July, 2019

Need For Poetry

There’d be no need for poetry if life was a poem, everything was true.

If that is the case I haven’t noticed, have you?

Perfection leaves a poet with nothing to do.

We’re not quite there yet, it is quite rare yet.

When we have spoiled what’s left of it I’ll let you know.

Until then enjoy the holy show.

Tich Ennis

19th June, 2019


Don’t give up hope, that’s despair.

Take me for one, I care.

No one knows I’m there.

If you live under a dictator remember he must die.

It’s usually a man, I wonder why?

Roll with the punches as boxers say.

Must I rhyme every day?

If you can improve your situation do.

That’s my advice to you.

That may involve improving you.

Mostly its how you look at things.

There are good kings.

Life is never perfect and for some far from so.

When all else fails get up and go.

Put life in your life, that’s what I mean.

Things are not as bad as they seem.

Tich Ennis

1st April, 2019


Must I be perfect, it appears so.

Who is perfect, nobody I know.

Some are pretty close or are or were.

Yes, him and her.

Our object must be to achieve perfection but perfection is impossible, we were told at school, a big ask.

Impossible task.

If you wait for a miracle you will wait a long time, especially from me.

I don’t expect much of myself you see.

If someone perfect came along life would be a song.

An end to wrong.

We have unrealised potential.

Perfection is essential.

The desired ingredient.

Heaven sent.

What do you expect of a fool?

Imperfection as a rule.

I am an unfinished symphony.

That’s me.

I have not given up hope, I never will.

I hope still.

I or some other dope will come along and sing a song.

To which we all belong.

That’s all for now.

Keep hoping anyhow.

Perfection is what we all desire.

We can’t aim higher.

Tich Ennis

26th January, 2019

Write A Poem

You don’t try to write a poem, you let it come to you.

That’s what to do.

You may need to wait, so wait.

When it comes don’t hesitate.

Write it then or forget.

It may be your best line yet.

The end needs more waiting time.

So I find.

Not always, there is no rule.

Contrary to what you were told at school.

Read over, simplify.

Do or die.

It really is that simple, believe me.

Practise makes perfect, wait and see.

Tich Ennis

4th December, 2019