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Is all art about the artist I wonder?

Let me not burst your dreams asunder.

Is the artist singing me, me, me as he tells his history?

He may be a she.

Its all about perception, am I right?

What the artist saw and heard in plain sight.

Nature or nurture, the argument drags on.

For a while we’re here, then gone.

The artist’s way of looking at things and what he saw.

Is objectivity against the law?

Skill has a part to play but that’s for another day.

Some tell a story well, others go to Hell.

A flower, plant, a tree as seen by me.

The Mona Lisa too, on view.

Art is about everything, the artist’s mood.

Celebrating the nude.

The nude symbolises truth, stands bare.

We stand and stare.

Art tells us what is there.

Art or artist, which comes first?

Great art shall slake your thirst.

Art and artist are at one with all.

Big and small.

Tich Ennis

31st March, 2019



If I talk tongue in cheek do you go weak?

Satire doesn’t work, it’s a waste of time.

Yours and mine.

I was born with a sense of humour, its too late now.

How now brown cow.

Is life an absurdist fantasy or is that just me?

Where is reality?

Art holds a mirror up to nature some Victorian said, probably dead.

Will nature of the human kind make up its mind?

Assuming it has one, a difficult assumption.

Pardon my presumption.

Tich Ennis

6th March, 2019


The seeds of the present are set in the past the seeds of the future now.

Nurture nature anyhow.

A tree, sit beneath the bough.

Bloodshed and murder are not pleasant seeds, they don’t fulfil our needs.

They grow weeds.

Weeds need uprooting, a flower could grow there.


Grow fruit.

Don’t shoot.

The past provides a bad example, we had a sample.

Some good always in all days.

Help the future be.

For you and me.

Tich Ennis

1st March, 2019


God only is my judge and there is no God unless I’m very much deceived.

Once I believed.

Possibly I’m having you on, there was a God but he is gone.

Almost nothing is worth anything it seems to me.

Except trees and birds and fish and scenery.

We’re turning the world into a rubbish dump.

It gives me the hump.

What was beautiful is now despoiled.

You should hear me when I’m oiled.

Actually I do believe, I’m that kind of nut.

On that subject my mouth is shut.

Tich Ennis

28th February, 2019

A Leaf

A leaf is a natural thing, it grows.

So are rain and snows.

Natural things are best, at night I rest.

I used to like to swim, I walk.

I like talk.

Sometimes nature can be wild and cold.

It is natural to grow old.

I like leaves on trees and trees when they are bare.

Goodness everywhere.

Green grass, blue skies.

Nature does not tell lies.

Nature is preferred by the wise.

I thought I’d sing a song of harmony.

A poet loves a tree.

And a cup of tea.

To see something natural in the world is good.

Not plastic, wood.

Tich Ennis

13th January, 2019

Beautiful Bird

I saw a beautiful bird today, the most beautiful in our land.

In our garden, he was grand.

Made by God’s hand

Tich Ennis

28th April, 2018


Has it all been done before and said before and if so why say it again anymore?

Not all people seem to know or have heard the word, including me, I agree.

Truth is free.

In every age we rant and rage and fill a page.

We seek a sage.

The old is new and new is old, a neverending story told.

We wonder why we live and die and laugh and cry.

Beneath the sky.

So do I.

Tich Ennis

17th August, 2017