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The spirit of the age is one filled with rage.

As a monkey in a cage.

Let me out, let me out they shout.

Its all about.

Here, there and everywhere.

Its in the air.

What happened to love, Heaven’s above?

When push comes to shove.

Hate does not bring us to Heaven’s gate.

Heaven can wait.

We await our fate.

Hell, what is coming, a bomb?

Or kingdom come.

Is it time to return to source?

Of course.

Must I spell it out?

Hell is all about.

I speak in a whisper, not a shout.

Love will find you out.

Tich Ennis

17th December, 2016


Ignoring Me

I am here, are you there?

Do you care?

I send you lots of stuff, have you had enough?

Do you even look?

Am I a book?

Was I born to be ignored, are you bored?

You never stop talking, do you look when walking?

Try, look, listen, is it time we started kissing?

You don’t know what you’re missing.

Old gold retold, a story just for you.

Me too.

If you hear from me, tell me.

I am real, smell me.

Tich Ennis

12th December, 2016

Bank Letter

13th October, 2016

 Bank of Ireland

Dear Corporation,

Why do you allow people to debit my credit card when it has gone over limit? You make your own rules and break them. Am I allowed the same privilege you grant yourself?

May I not pay any charges you have allowed in breach of your own rules? Are rules for little people? How about obeying your own rules? Why not?

On Friday last I asked a pin-striped manager at your Arklow branch to inform me whether an email I received ostensibly from your organisation asking for my details was or was not a scam. I gave him the email and my phone number. He said he would contact me with an answer that day. He did not. Today I went in again and asked again. With the same result, nothing, no answer.

An Irishman, possibly you, said we’re Irish, we don’t do rules. I am also Irish. May I follow your rules even if you don’t? And refuse to pay any charges on my over-limit credit card? Would you like that? How do you like rules?   Not when they apply to you, apparently.

I note you charge an overlimit fee. How dare you?

The seventh circle of Hell, the lowest, is reserved for bankers. I understand why.   I don’t wish to live in Hell. I am careful about the company I keep, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I await your response but please don’t feed me waffle. Are you politicians?   It seems so.

Thank you very much for paying my bills. This is an unexpected pleasure.   I was unaware you are a charitable organisation.

Please keep it up. If I had a mortgage would you pay it?

If I labour under a misapprehension please enlighten me.

Lighten our darkness,

David Ennis,



Tich Ennis

13th October, 2016

Inky Spider

I dipped a spider in ink and put it on a page.

What words did it write, was it a sage?

It said my legs are inky, that’s not how to write, you dope.

If you think that’s all there is to it then there is no hope.

Random rubbish is just that.

You’d be better off feeding the cat.

I said, oh well, alright, if that’s what you say.

I’ll have another think, good day.

The spider got up on his legs and spoke.

He said a joke is not funny when it’s not a joke.

I am a spider, let me go.

Rubbish is rubbish, I told you so.

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2016


Bits of the past come back, inspiring me.

The present, that is tiring me.

Problems, problems, problems all day long.

I remember that song.

Will they turn out right or wrong?

Can life be a song?

I suppose I’ll have to get down to it and do it.

If not, I blew it.

Quite likely, there is nothing to it.

But to do it.

So, okay, later I will try.

Do or die.

As someone said, for why?

To make a blue sky.

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2016


He takes an academic interest in what’s true.

Do you?

He sees it as a subject for discussion, for appraisal.

Is a walnut of the same family as hazel?

Nothing seems to faze him all his days.

He observes people and their ways.

They repel him, he finds them repulsive.

Is he an obsessive compulsive?

Does an academic fall in love?

Good God no, Heavens above!

Tich Ennis

6th October, 2016

Arklow Poetry

6th October, 2016


Here is the DVD of my poetry reading at Arklow Culture Night.   You have a DVD player because I gave you one.

Thanks for the TV, which we never switched on, or plugged in. You can have it back if you like.

Why not? Because nearly all TV is rubbish, radio is better. Less showing off. TV is a big turn off.

About 8 minutes playing time of my film for those who want to play. I have other films, but what’s the point?

I may send the film to Peter Somers, why not? And others. Something to remember me by.

Copying and making a DVD is easy when you know how, like everything else. Impossible when you don’t.

I’ve been through that, a nightmare. Technology uber alles! It’s a hard taskmaster. Especially when it doesn’t work. The same applies to software.

Eventually I found free software which works and by jiggery-pokery and having bought a new recorder produced the result now in your possession. And other’s. Eight minutes of your life, a lot more of mine.

Was it all worthwhile? I think so. And am not completely alone in that opinion.

Regarding technology, I know my onions. It makes me cry. They share that characteristic, onions and technology.

I write this the day before posting because I cannot afford a stamp or an envelope until pension day, tomorrow. So this letter is precipitate. As the late Brendan Corish would say, a bit previous.

Anyway, as waiters say, enjoy. Whether they mean it or not.

It’s something to be going on with, anyway. As seen on a screen near me. Glorious technicolour, or whatever. Pixels before your eyes.

A surprise,


Tich Ennis

6th October, 2016