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Living In The Past

Can the past last?

It’s disappearing fast.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

You think you hold on to it, you won’t.

Baby, I got news for you.

Now is true.

Tough luck if you don’t like it that way.

Tomorrow is another day.

Live now, make now alright.

Or else you’re spoiling for a fight.

Is a fight alright?

History is no mystery, a horror story.

To Hell with glory.

Live now and let live.


Must I spell it out?

Don’t shout.

Neither rob nor steal.

How would you feel?

Tich Ennis

2nd March, 2017



9th December, 2016


Here is the recording you asked for, Roger Penrose, physicist, interviewed on BBC Radio Four last month.

Also, two other recordings which may or may not be of interest to you, or even playable.

First, one I call 1955 Rock ‘n’ Roll, approximately an hour long, the first in a series of thirty programs being broadcast by BBC Radio 6 music comprising the best music from the years 1955 to 1979, first on the air in 1980. Also including news and views from the year in question as heard and played at the time. Who wants old news?

Second, a disc in MP3 (compressed) form which may not play on your player, eight one hour programs from a similar series broadcast on BBC Radio Two most recently in 2015. That series, even better than the 1955 sample on the other disc, was of fifty years from 1951 to 2000 and I have them all on my computer. Truly excellent, as many BBC programs are. My opinion for what its worth.

That second disc, which I renamed Pop History, has the shows and years 1951 to 1958, a show per year. I am unclear as to how many hours may fit on an audio disc in compressed (MP3) form, but have those eight hours here, the first eight hours of that series. Otherwise the second disc would be eight discs in audio, standard, form.

The Penrose disc is only 28 minutes long and it is to be hoped we all have more hours and minutes than that left to us. Therefore, these other discs. All work and no play, etcetera.

To another friend I send today far more playing and reading time but he has other interests of no interest to those not interested. I won’t bore you with them, read the papers.

A computer makes an excellent audio recorder to those who know what they’re doing, which I sometimes do. Also, video recorder.

A Kerry teacher’s audio-visual aid:

Do you see this stick and do you hear what I’m saying?

The physical force method of education. Those were the days! And they call them the good old days. I never let my schooling interfere with my education – Mark Twain.

Kindly send ten euros to David Ennis, Reality, Seaview avenue, Arklow. We have to keep the show on the road.

God bless the BBC and all who sail in her,

Tich Ennis




Various Things

9th December, 2016


A plethora of playthings, a veritable cornucopia for you here.

First, a letter to John White, as well as this letter.   Then, a book and many, many CD’s.

The book is George’s (and my) selection from the poetry of William Blake, including the one beginning Heaven in a grain of sand, a favourite line of mine.

The CD’s are many and varied, including two of those sent to John, Penrose and 1955 Rock ‘n’ Roll. One I call Doo Wop Radio, two hours in mp3 form, recorded by me in 2011.

The other recordings are mostly, if not all, from BBC Radio 4, of recent date. Rumi, that’s one, Copernicus and the Burren, that’s two, (two separate programs on one disc), What Is Truth, What Is God Like and Islamic Philosophy, three items on one disc. Gloomsbury, two discs of this very funny show, four half hour programs on two CD’s. Then, the absolutely mind blowing series of talks I call Beyond Space and Time by Carlo Rovelli, read by another. Reality is not what it seems.

You may wonder why the talk What Is God Like begins with Good Golly, Miss Molly by Little Richard and ends with Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets? Because they were played in the same early morning show in which the Rabbi speaks. And because they are great and I love them.

The song, the name and singer of which I forget, after the Rabbi’s words, says God is one of us, just a slob in a bus trying to find his way home. A song I like, from the seventies.

If there is a God and he is a slob then there is hope for me when I meet him, his fellow slob.

Those talks, a few minutes long, were on the radio each day for a week, a different speaker each day of varying denominations, Christian and otherwise. I heard only the one here and one other, not memorable. From an early morning show on BBC Radio Two, Vanessa Feltz. She plays good music.

My wrestles with technology continue, the fruits of which you see before you. Now hear this! Get the cotton wool out of your ears. If you have eyes to see, read William Blake.

I may include a poem or two written by me yesterday and read to you on the phone. That is for me to know and you to find out.

If you got up earlier you would know all this already. Pay attention in class!

Tich Ennis



Bank Letter

13th October, 2016

 Bank of Ireland

Dear Corporation,

Why do you allow people to debit my credit card when it has gone over limit? You make your own rules and break them. Am I allowed the same privilege you grant yourself?

May I not pay any charges you have allowed in breach of your own rules? Are rules for little people? How about obeying your own rules? Why not?

On Friday last I asked a pin-striped manager at your Arklow branch to inform me whether an email I received ostensibly from your organisation asking for my details was or was not a scam. I gave him the email and my phone number. He said he would contact me with an answer that day. He did not. Today I went in again and asked again. With the same result, nothing, no answer.

An Irishman, possibly you, said we’re Irish, we don’t do rules. I am also Irish. May I follow your rules even if you don’t? And refuse to pay any charges on my over-limit credit card? Would you like that? How do you like rules?   Not when they apply to you, apparently.

I note you charge an overlimit fee. How dare you?

The seventh circle of Hell, the lowest, is reserved for bankers. I understand why.   I don’t wish to live in Hell. I am careful about the company I keep, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I await your response but please don’t feed me waffle. Are you politicians?   It seems so.

Thank you very much for paying my bills. This is an unexpected pleasure.   I was unaware you are a charitable organisation.

Please keep it up. If I had a mortgage would you pay it?

If I labour under a misapprehension please enlighten me.

Lighten our darkness,

David Ennis,



Tich Ennis

13th October, 2016


The closer I get to the truth the more elusive it becomes.

As a young person I was not good at sums.

When still younger I was good, I learned the fundamentals, like anybody should.

If I told you a secret it would not be a secret anymore.

The truth I adore.

Even though I don’t know what it is.

That’s showbiz.

 Tich Ennis

19th September, 2016