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Should the guards investigate the guards, it seems strange to me.

As we say in Ireland, the Gardai.

They use their investigative skills when somebody kills.

Which, unfortunately, they do, did you?

Are there some things they don’t want to know?

As on their Inspector Plod way they go.

Should they read Shakespeare, about man dressed in a little brief authority?

It seems a good line to me.

In my brief brushes with the law some were good and some were not.

I don’t blame the lot.

That’s rot.

However, they have room for improvement.

Some show almost no sign of movement.

Tich Ennis

15th March, 2019


Olympic Champion

I can beat an Olympic champion, wait and see.

Ronnie Delaney can’t run faster than me.

He won the Olympics in 1956.

Is he still up to his tricks?

Ireland said, my God, one of us is best.

What about the rest?

Tich Ennis

7th March,2019


The island of Ireland may sink beneath the waves submerging our patriot graves.

Anything may or may not happen, the future is unpredictable.

That is uncontradictable.

Atlantis, did it ever exist?

Is it missed?

Some believe in flying saucers, sorcerers and Harry Potter.

That is as maybe, I am not responsible for the beliefs of others.

Until now we all had mothers.

In a possible future scientists will make babies and cure rabies.

Dream on baby, long live your dream.

Meanwhile politicians scheme.

Cheer up, it could be worse in an alternative universe.

The big bang could go into reverse.

The universe be compressed into the size of a tiny pea, including you and me.

Maybe then it will start again and get it right this time.

We have the future to look forward to, I hope for the sublime.

Some other time.

Tich Ennis

23rd February, 2019


Next month I start to learn the guitar.

Will I be a star?

That depends on the teacher and the taught.

I will bring the guitar I bought.

Either I have potential or I dont.

He said not to learn bad habits, I won’t.

I know nothing at all.

I love music, that’s all.

If I have it in me it will come out.

The teacher and I will bring that about.

Am I musical, that remains to be seen.

Like Ireland I am green, you know what I mean.

Tich Ennis

19th January, 2019

Bad Weather Blues

Or greens as the case may be.

Set me free!

Oh Ireland, wash your face!

But not with cold and rain and wind, your disgrace.

I sit outside, smoking.

I’m not joking.

Outside a café, by the way.

I smoke indoors at home.

Nero lived in ancient Rome.

He liked executing innocent people, like me.

This weather is my destiny.

I was born here, I can’t complain, oh yes I can.

I am an Irishman.

Tich Ennis

13th December, 2018


Will this poem change the world for the better?

This letter.

I urgently await an answer.

Can I cure cancer?

Not without trying.

Is living dying?

I wish to wake from a bad dream.

That things are as they seem.

Don’t wake me until then, don’t wake me up.

I shut up.

That appears abrupt.

Must the world be corrupt?

I look forward to a change of course, of course.

Back to source.

Tich Ennis

26th November, 2018

Modern Song

I want to commit suicide but I haven’t got the guts.

Don’t you know I’m nuts?

I want to share my misery and pain with you.

I think that’s the right thing to do.

You’re nuts too.

You enjoy my stuff because you are a misery boots.

I don’t give two hoots.

I am a comedian on stage, I give vent to rage.

A funny thing happened on the way to the loony bin.

Or alcoholic treatment place or drugs clinic, where do I begin?

I am depressed and I want the world to know.

Its my ego, its not small, I am a bomb about to blow.

Yeah, well, so people get killed at pop shows, so what?

I have the ticket money, thanks a lot.

I made sense once but I forgot.

Cheer up some other voice said.

It could be worse, you could be dead.

Who says everything is futile?

Some guy who forgot how to smile.

Life is awful, you’ll get over it in a while.

Is there no place for laughter, none for joy.

Not from this boy.

I say life is a one way suicide trip.

And people say I’m hip.

There is a word, masochist, look it up.

When you understand its meaning I might shut up.

And drink the loving cup.

In the meantime, okay, eat my turds.

You don’t understand words.

Because you don’t want to, it doesn’t suit you.

People like you shoot you.

Wallow like a pig.

Call me mister big.

Since when has it been best to be insane?

As that stupid saying has it, feel my pain.

Your pain is self inflicted.

You are addicted.

Grow up, get out more, life your life you fool.

Did you learn insanity at school?

Okay, I’ve had my say, I don’t eat vomit.

I prefer Wallace and Gromit.

I smoke and smoking is mad so I’m mad too.

Just like you.

I am the meaning of this song.

If I gave you a rope would you say so long?

Who has the cure, you or me?

Wait and see.

I do not choose misery and woe.

I go.

And so do you, what are you, Asian flu?

Solve the Arab Israeli conflict and I’ll believe you.

You are not the answer.


As for me, I am a dancer.

You are a romancer and romance is false.

I prefer rock‘n’roll to the waltz.

I too have faults.

If you see yourself in this song well, hello.

I don’t want to say I told you so.

Music should be fun or transcendental.

Not, as we say in Ireland, mental.

Is there a place for gentle?

Tich Ennis

1st August, 2018