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Jacob Rees Mogg

How may we account for the psyche of Jacob Rees Mogg?

Is he an intelligent dog?

Perhaps a little overbred.

Can he learn new tricks before he’s dead?

His logic appears impeccable.

He is whatever else respectable.

The jury is still out.

Will he be found out?

Perhaps a few words about the servant problem but that’s for another day.

Who serves who and what when Jacob has his say?

My good man, good day.

Tich Ennis

Friday, 18th October, 2019


If I throw you a rope will you take hold of it you dope?

Far be it from me to insult your intelligence but you appear to me to be dense.

Alright, I’m sorry, I apologise.

Not all of us can be wise.

I know I’m lazy, but so what?

I had a brain but I forgot.

Tich Ennis

Monday, 23rd September, 2019


My best friend is dead.

I talk to you instead.

A man in a pub said the trouble with this country is all the ambitious, hardworking, intelligent people emigrated.

Was he wrong?

If I emigrated I would sing an Irish song.

Note, I did not emigrate.

Is it too late?

If that man was right where does that leave me?

Wait and see.

You are not defined by what you’re not but by what you are.

Realise that and you will go far.

I could quote an ancient Greek but that would take all week.

Know thyself the Oracle said to you.

Me too.

I am an acquired taste, a slow learner.

In Hell a slow burner.

So are a joke or two.

Maybe you.

One ingredient of an Irish stew.

That’s what I am.

Did God say damn?

My consolation is that I am not dead.

My final words, enough said.

I dislike ending on a downbeat note, I never end.

Dead friend.

Tich Ennis

8th March, 2019

Statement Of Fact

Some are more intelligent than me.

You may not agree.

This is hard for me to say.

I look the other way.

I claim no credit for my brain.

Nor will I accept blame.

I am what I am, as I was made.

Does orange juice complain that it is not lemonade?

Hearing an intelligent person speak may cause me distress.

I think, I am less.

Years of study may have put them where they are.

I drink in a bar.

I am impressed by their perspicacity.

I say this in all veracity.

Tich Ennis

19th March, 2019