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Live in your imagination, bring imagination to life.

If you can imagine anything, even take a wife.

Imagine, plant a tree.

For everyone to see.

If you want to do it do it if if does no one any harm.

Work on a farm.

Be a keeper in a zoo.

They are just like you.

Be a beekeeper.

You are a sleeper.

Dream while you’re awake, make a dream come true.

Be you.

Tich Ennis

27th June, 2019

Art In Arklow

Make of Ireland a work of art.

Arklow would be a start.

Art comes from imagination and feeling, it is inspiring.

Some old politicians are retiring.

Does hope lie in the young or not so young or some so old?

More or less anywhere there is gold.

Once in Avoca there was a goldmine, not mine.

Ask a leprechaun for wine.

Anyway, how can we make Arklow hop?

Try not to close a shop.

What about the main street, where people meet?

Should there be more benches so people can rest their feet?

I say so, yes.

Its not all a mess.

How can we stop it getting worse?

The river sewage demands a verse.

Must politicians be a curse?

Its not necessarily politicians, it’s the powers that be.

From whom set us free.

Allow me to be me.

The truth will set you free.

Who said that, not me.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it said an American.

Let that be your plan.

If it is, get to it.

Do it.

Tich Ennis

27th May, 2019


Searching for you is like searching for the holy grail.

I went to the café with no avail.

I met a man with a stutter, some might call him a nutter.

He remembered my birthday, he has a good memory you see.

Unlike me.

Anyway I’ll come another day.

Please don’t stay away.

I appeal to fortune, I appeal to fate.

All I have to do is wait.

You are a poem, a poem come to life.

My imaginary wife.

Have I gone too far?

As far as a star.

Tich Ennis

22nd July, 2018



Okay, I won’t use WordPress to design my website.  Too complex.

Weebly, Wix and IM Creator are the website builders I am considering, all with many users and support and free options, including hosting.

I am tending towards Weebly.  It is cloud based, which seems to be an advantage.  Drag and drop design.  HTML5, although not of use to me, I won’t code.  Allows embedding of video, which I want.  Good full length title and tagging, unlike IM Creator.

Start from a blank sheet, which I want, or templates if you want to copy someone else.

SEO and all that.

Ease of use.  Design your own website just as you want it in an hour or so.  And publish.

They all have paid options with more features.  The free ones put their own name into your webname and have some other disadvantages.

Not a lot to choose between them.  There are lots of these programs out there.

With Weebly and IM Creator you can design first then publish or have hosted, in that order, the best way.

Weebly is responsive, as they call it, its output suits all devices, laptops, ipads, mobiles and desktops, in a better way than IM Creator.

IM Creator will display the output as on those other devices, I don’t know if Weebly does.  That’s icing on the cake.

Still thinking,


Tich Ennis

2nd April, 2017

No Such

There’s no such thing as various things despite what everyone says.

It’s a figment of your imagination, among many many, is your name Des?

Perfection is a thing of which I’ve heard there’s no such thing.

Some people don’t even believe in the power of a king.

Love, no, money, yes, its all the wan to me, its anybody’s guess.

What a mess!

Why do the words exist, is a girl there to be kissed?

I live in Irish mist.

Tich Ennis

18th January, 2017