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My work bears comparison with that of Virgil but would not come well out of the comparison.

Unlike Montgomery I never ran a garrison.

I wrote no ode to a Grecian urn, that’s been done before.

From time to time I go on at length, pardon if I bore.

If you’re looking forward to a myth or legend don’t come here.

I’m here for the beer.

Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die is all very well in Hollywood.

Epics make me sick, they are no good.

Don’t hero worship me.

I am no hero don’t you see.

I like drinking tea.

Tich Ennis

16th April, 2019

Heartwarming Story

How one boy and his dog Fluffy Wuffy save the world is a story crying out to be told. It would bring a tear to the eye of the most hardened cynic, await the movie from the Walt Disney Corporation, suitable for family viewing.

This book should be on the bedside table of every presidential candidate and on the desk in the oval office for daily reference.

Armed with a checklist, Monday save the whale, Tuesday save the jellyfish, the list goes on and he and Fluffy Wuffy get it all done! An object lesson in can do determinism, this book sorts out the men from the boys and the girls too.

The song penned by the boy himself, My Heart And My Voice Are Breaking, should be sung by choirs worldwide and on the wall of every school.

After this can anything be the same ever again? No, no, a thousand times no. This boy and his dog have done it all, there’s nothing more to do or say, give up and go home with tears in your eyes.

I cried a deluge.   And the dog jumps through hoops as well!   Your heart will be well and truly warmed. Hollywood and the book trade, you can close up shop after this. This is the real thing, what we were all waiting for. We can sleep easy in our beds, die happy, rest in peace.

Its that good.

Tich Ennis

12th February, 2019


Its how a person is that matters not how they look.

Looks are superficial, read a book.

Not just the cover, that tells you nothing at all.

The whole experience matters, the world is not small.

Hollywood and Facebook cause mental illness and distress.

The happiness industry so called is a mess.

This is an age of image, the image is supreme.

We live in a dream.

Singers who can’t sing, actors who can’t act.

The world of the untrue fact.

The false has taken over, don’t believe a word.

You know the real thing when you see it, seldom seen and heard.

Some people have both, some people have it all.

Then they kill themselves, the myth conquers all.

Find a person who is real, find one of those.

The king wears no clothes.

Tich Ennis

5th December, 2019

Christ Talks

Passerby: Hi Christ. Someone said you are the son of God. What are you doing here?

Christ: I’m flogging bibles.

Passerby: They haven’t been written yet. Aren’t you being a bit premature?

Christ: A bit previous. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Passerby: I’ll put my name down for one.

Christ: Sign here. A first edition is a good investment. You could flog it at Sotheby’s.

Passerby: If I’m around that long. Is it readable?

Christ: It took ten years to write and would probably take the same amount of time to read.

Passerby: That’s very funny.

Christ: Not if you wrote the book.

Passerby: It will give people something to swear on and at and throw at people, anyway.

Christ: A best seller.

Passerby: And I thought you were just a waste of space.

Christ: Wait for the Hollywood epic.

Passerby: You’ve seen the film, now read the book.

Christ: Dance to the musical.

Passerby: You are a man before your time.

Christ: A man out of time.

Passerby: Whatever that means.

Christ: Gutenberg, thou should’st be living at this hour.

Passerby: I’ll wait for the audio version.

Christ: That’s me. Born before TV.

Passerby: If you had an air to that you could sing it.

Christ: I’ll be on my way.

Passerby: Mine too.

Christ: It’s a rocky road.

Passerby: You can say that again.

Christ: And again and again and again.

Passerby: Where does this road lead?

Christ: Where indeed.

Passerby: You’re a bit of a poet.

Christ: Don’t I know it.

Passerby: Sayonara, Japanese for goodbye.

Christ: Au revoir, until we meet again.

(Both figures depart. The End.)

Tich Ennis

26th July, 2018