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A stranger came to town.

Perhaps to settle down.

What’s better here than there?

Here is everywhere.

Some flee from poverty and misery.

That’s history.

The dum dums stay at home.

The educated roam.

This phenomenon is worldwide.

Who wants the countryside?

I do, for one.

Its peaceful here, less gun, less hit and run.

Oh well, times change.

Cowboy on the range.

They change for good or ill.

I leave the countryside in my will.

Cities getting crowded everywhere.

In the country there is space to spare.

I live there.

I have friends in the city too, I ring them sometimes for something to do.

So I am everywhere.

Here and there.

Tich Ennis

11th February, 2019


All 2

No one can say it all in one poem, even me.

My life in one line, history.

Or life itself.

A bookshelf?

Silence can speak volumes someone said.

When I’m dead.

Not yet, as you see.

That’s me.

A brief biography.

With geography.

I am very much alive, evidently.

As I said before, that’s me.

I said you can’t say it all so I say it now, it all.

I contradict myself, that’s all.

Tich Ennis

27th January, 2019

The Irish

The Irish are world class complainers, that’s a complaint.

You think I’m English but I aint.

If I point out the error of your ways will you punch me and leave me in a daze?

Someone said Christ is funny, I don’t know.

As a stand up comedian he was a holy show.

If I complain about the weather will it get better or just wetter?

Is it necessary to complain?

Doctor, cure my pain.

Do the caring professions care?

If not, why are they there?

Being Irish is defined as not being English but not by me.

Forget history.

Tich Ennis

22nd December, 2018

Buying Books

I buy books, then don’t read them.

Do I need them?

I more or less know what they’re going to say, I agree with them anyway.

If everybody else would take on board what I ignored, then what?

It would be a different world, thanks a lot.

That book I bought the other day, will I give it away unread?

The person I give it to can tell me what she said.

Hannah Arendt is dead.

Read history to stop it happening again.

You’re in trouble then.

But when?

Tich Ennis

1st December, 2018

Why Am I?

Apparently since time began people wondered why am I a man?

Or woman, as the case may be, eternal she.

What is it to be, why me?

Is there rhyme or reason, if so let me see.

So far it has not been figured out.

There are conflicting opinions, some shout.

Who am I to say why?

Ask the big eye in the sky.

Let me know if you hear tell.

You might as well.

Tich Ennis

26th November, 2018

The EU

The EU seemed like a good idea at the time.

Possibly so did the Soviet Union, Stalin’s crime.

The idea was that we would all agree.

Hypothetically good, the rest is history.

Nationalism, religion and ethnicity have a lot to answer for.


The big dictator, me.

Look at the war between he and she.

Will a better idea ever come along?

Who believes in right and wrong?

Tich Ennis

10th November, 2018