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Buying Books

I buy books, then don’t read them.

Do I need them?

I more or less know what they’re going to say, I agree with them anyway.

If everybody else would take on board what I ignored, then what?

It would be a different world, thanks a lot.

That book I bought the other day, will I give it away unread?

The person I give it to can tell me what she said.

Hannah Arendt is dead.

Read history to stop it happening again.

You’re in trouble then.

But when?

Tich Ennis

1st December, 2018


Acquired Taste

My work is an acquired taste which not many have acquired.

Are my services required?

I have not expired.

Nor retired.

Stop reading, you are tired.

Tich Ennis

28th November, 2018

Why Am I?

Apparently since time began people wondered why am I a man?

Or woman, as the case may be, eternal she.

What is it to be, why me?

Is there rhyme or reason, if so let me see.

So far it has not been figured out.

There are conflicting opinions, some shout.

Who am I to say why?

Ask the big eye in the sky.

Let me know if you hear tell.

You might as well.

Tich Ennis

26th November, 2018

The EU

The EU seemed like a good idea at the time.

Possibly so did the Soviet Union, Stalin’s crime.

The idea was that we would all agree.

Hypothetically good, the rest is history.

Nationalism, religion and ethnicity have a lot to answer for.


The big dictator, me.

Look at the war between he and she.

Will a better idea ever come along?

Who believes in right and wrong?

Tich Ennis

10th November, 2018

Lost Poem

I had a poem but I let it go.

Into the great unknown where dead poems go.

Stillborn, not born at all, never ever to be.

Oh well, at least it was not me.

Next time, next time what will I do?

Write it down come rain or shine for you and me too.

That poem was to be called Curse, perhaps its better that it should never be.

But I don’t know, it could be worse, unwritten history.

Tich Ennis

20th July, 2018

Dream – Immortal Word

I’m always getting ready never doing.

Or so it seems.

I achieve in my dreams.

When all the pieces fall into place will I be in a state of grace?

I was not dealt the perfect hand I am no rock‘n’roll band.

Whoever heard of a band of one is there such a thing under the Sun?

Throw a pack of cards in the air or a jigsaw puzzle.

Beware of a dog without a muzzle.

Toast always falls face down, so said some clown.

If I do nothing will anything happen, anything at all?

When I talk to myself I’m talking to the wall.

I don’t want to be rude but should I get up off my arse, my bum?

Hand me the key to kingdom come.

I speak in the vulgar tongue.

I am a common man, as common as muck.

I bet you thought I was going to say fuck.

Tich Ennis

27th November, 2017