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You can’t depend on the weather in Ireland or anything else at all.

Hear politicians talking, they might as well be talking to the wall.

They make no sense at all.

Ireland is rather small.

Does it punch above its weight in anything or is it fate?

We’re not bad at talking, when will we start walking?

We wrote some books, we sang some songs, we tried to right some wrongs.

Occasionally, once or twice, we get it right.

We emigrate, take flight.

Beannacht De libh, good night.


Another wonderful day, as Beckett said.

Cheer up, you could be dead.

Tich Ennis

30th June, 2017



Jeremy Corbyn

Perhaps the only thing wrong with Jeremy Corbyn is that his economics are barmy.

He and his barmy army.

Strange how leftwingers depend on capitalism, like loans from Goldman Sachs.

Watch your backs.

You can’t live on credit, ask the Greeks.

Austerity in how many weeks?

The lesser of two evils is not much choice.

The time is not yet here to say rejoice.

Tich Ennis

16th June, 2017


The probable is improbable, do we live in a bubble?

Must a rhyme rhyme all the time?

Books are written and cards are played according to probability.

Shall I learn about it in my years of senility?

I’ll wait and see, that’s me.

Probably yes, probably no, I tried it once and won.

What am I, I ask myself, a setting sun?

Once again the sun will rise, all will be made clear.

Do not worry, there’s no hurry, lazybones is here.

Tich Ennis

14th April, 2017

Cold House

It’s a cold house for poets who have no money.

If I had a sense of humour I might think that was funny.

Do we need the internet in the internet age?

Yes we do, we write on a page.

I want feedback, some, some voices bring me joy.

How may I communicate with them through a broken toy?

My internet is down, I have not paid their bill.

I ought to ring them up and say I will.

I postpone things, that is my sin.

When do I begin?

I’ll go to the café and have a coffee and a smoke.

I am a joke.

I have a sense of humour, that is no rumour.

Just when things appeared to be starting to go well I descend into Hell.

Oh well.

I hold back, that’s my crime.

Have I endless time?

Is it best to know the worst, does the worst come first?

I should try before I die.

Things are not as bad as you think, it is better to swim than sink.

I guess I’ll do it after all.

I’ll give them a call.

Can a cold house become warm?

I’ll give it a chance. Sure where’s the harm?

I believe in charm.

Fortune favours the brave.

I have my soul to save.

Could I save yours too?

That’s the thing to do.

Can poetry save my soul?

Make me whole.

To be precise I’m nice.

Don’t think twice.

That’s my advice.

Okay, I’ve done it and its done.

I am my father’s son.

Tich Ennis

21st March, 2017

Art Not Science

Will art not science save the day, will the other go away?

Science means knowing, understanding is what art is all about.

Which do you want, to know or understand, will you take a lifetime to find out?

Must I spell it out in words a child could understand, a child already knows.

The king has no clothes.

So the story goes.

To understand means to love, treat each other with understanding.

No more grandstanding.

Tich Ennis

17th March, 2017

False Promises

Play my cd and you’ll never die.

You’ll gain wisdom.

Never ask why.

You’ll know the reason you are here.

You’ll know all and everything.

You’ll understand Summer, Winter, Spring.

Great Irish Songs in the answer to everything.

Have a drink on me.

The best is yet to be.

Wait and see.

It’s best to live in hope.

You dope.

Buy a skipping rope.

Why not elope?

Sing in harmony.

With me.

My promise I fulfil.

Climb a hill.

What’s false about that?

Is a white cat black?

Don’t answer back.

When is a lie the truth?

I promise eternal youth.

Spoken highly of in this advertisement.

You know what I meant.

It’s Heaven sent.

Play it and see.

I hope and think you will agree.

That’s just me.

A paean of praise.

The end of days.

Be mad for a while.


Tich Ennis

2nd March, 2017


Me:   I was in a pub one day when a man at the bar said the army should be running things.   It was when Ireland seemed to be up the creek. I won’t say where it was, alright it was in Ballyfermot. I said that to my brother, he said dictatorship. But the army are too small, how could they control everything?

He: They haven’t got the brains.

Me: They had that in Greece, the colonels. And they have it in Burma. The army own everything and the people are treated like slaves.   It would be like having the I.R.A. army council running things.

He: They will.

Tich Ennis

11th February, 2017