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Acquired Taste

My work is an acquired taste which not many have acquired.

Are my services required?

I have not expired.

Nor retired.

Stop reading, you are tired.

Tich Ennis

28th November, 2018



What people said and people did are things you are told as a kid.

Including kid means a young goat, I don’t want to start on the wrong note.

Be sure to button up your coat.

They care for you, they correct you, without them what would you do?

In later life you’re on your own, but never really quite alone.

What they said then and you do now stands to you anyhow.

Ripen apple on the bough.

Tich Ennis

23rd November, 2018


This poem is as good as Any.

It won’t make me a penny.

And now some great thoughts, at least one.

I can’t think of anything, have fun.

My brother says this poem is very dead.

I’ll take that as read.

Read something else instead.

At least I got out of bed.

Tonight I will go back again.

And then, and then.….

More of the same.

Deal the cards, another game.

Tich Ennis

8th November, 2018

Jew Murder

Why? Anne Frank, must you die?

Christ too was a Jew.

That’s telling you.

May we die of natural causes.

Moses made lawses.

Said to come from someone else, believe it or not.

Life is all you’ve got.

Do not preach hate, don’t normalise.

May we realise.

Hatred kills the killer too.

I speak to you.

Oh bitter heart, let love start.

You may be reluctant to swallow a tablet, a pill.

The purpose is to cure, not kill.

Said someone on a hill.

A line to stop people in their tracks.

Don’t shoot people in their backs.

Tich Ennis

28th October, 2018

Orphan Jukebox

I gave a jukebox to the men’s shed, then they fell apart.

They want me to take it back, that would break my heart.

So to a rubbish dump it goes, why did the men’s shed close?

You ask me, human nature, they could not get along.

That’s a common occurrence here, its an old Irish song.

The jukebox hails from 1956, if put together it would do its tricks.

Valves and all that, great sound, destined for a rubbish mound.

A hundred records, two hundred songs.

Is a rubbish dump where it belongs?

Tich Ennis

26th October, 2018

Intelligent Stuff

When I write intelligent stuff, stuff that makes people think, no one likes it, they blink.

Do a person’s thinking for them and they love you, make them think and they hate you said some American guy.

He took the words out of my mouth, I have a brain, this person, I.

Oh well couch potato if that is what you are.

Some day you may get your TV from a star.

Meet me in the bar.

Tich Ennis

17th October, 2018


Can you listen to the Devil and demolish his argument?

Do you believe a lie is Heaven-sent, your chance to prove the true, at last the real you?

If so I shall attend your disputation.

If not, I avoid without hesitation.

Argument does not necessarily mean a row.

A student should know that, anyhow.

When all are white collar who will drive the plough?

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2018