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Public Opinion

Do not get involved in other people’s fantasies.

They’d have you on your knees.

Listen to the sane.

The others give me a pain.

Some mad are quite sincere.

I’ve had it up to here.

So what if you are filled with emotion?

Plastic fills the ocean.

I don’t care how strongly you hold your views.

I don‘t believe fake news.

Shouters shout loudly, that’s all they do.

They want to fool you.

Then you are a fool too.

I do believe in God by the way but I don’t shove my belief down people’s throat.

Saint Patrick took a boat.

Send me a pound note.

I like calm and quiet.

Can you buy it?

Music loud enough to hear and dance to.

And romance to.

I don’t want everything to be the same.

That’s why I came.

If Paris was the same as Ballyfermot would you go, if you are from Ballyfermot, you know?

Well no.

Or Disneyland if you lived in one.

A change is fun.

Change can be for the worse, watch out.

Beware of people who shout.

I said that at the top.

Full stop.

If you want to know you will know and if you want to do you do.

Otherwise whose fooling who?


Maybe you’re not trying hard enough or at all?

Am I talking to the wall?

That’s all.

I can’t say it all in one poem, well not quite.

You want a soundbite?

Your life is short enough without that stuff.

Poems vary in length.

Play to your strength.

Wake up.

This poem is a shake up.

Not a make up.

I mean every word I say.

When you do I’ll believe you.

Ponder, think.

Have a drink.

Its easier than you think.

May my pen never run out of ink.

Wash the kitchen sink.

Tich Ennis

20th May, 2019


Who Loves

Who loves God? Who loves air?

Who loves everywhere?

Who was young and who was old and who told a story ever told?

Who am I and who are you?

Who believes true?

Who loves anything and all?

Who loves love at all?

Who loves and wonders why we die?

Who is a fool like I?

Who asks a question and awaits an answer?

Who is now and always was a chancer?

Who was a dancer?

Who loves day and who loves night?

Who loves more or less alright?

Who says that will do?

Who loves you?

Who says must I always ask?

Who says when will I fulfil my task?

Who says wait and see?

Who but me?

Tich Ennis

13th March, 2019


Have all my thoughts been thought before?

As long as there is life may I have more.

If thought before are my thoughts second hand?

Glen Miller was killed with his band.

Is nothing ever new, me or you?

Possibly no one said it before the same way.

I state the obvious, that’s why I’m here today.

I say what everybody knows but is ignored.

I am a fool who does not like being bored.

I know nothing you don’t know.

May I say I told you so?

Why people pretend not to know is another question.

I am open to suggestion.

Tich Ennis

10th March, 2019


Must I be perfect, it appears so.

Who is perfect, nobody I know.

Some are pretty close or are or were.

Yes, him and her.

Our object must be to achieve perfection but perfection is impossible, we were told at school, a big ask.

Impossible task.

If you wait for a miracle you will wait a long time, especially from me.

I don’t expect much of myself you see.

If someone perfect came along life would be a song.

An end to wrong.

We have unrealised potential.

Perfection is essential.

The desired ingredient.

Heaven sent.

What do you expect of a fool?

Imperfection as a rule.

I am an unfinished symphony.

That’s me.

I have not given up hope, I never will.

I hope still.

I or some other dope will come along and sing a song.

To which we all belong.

That’s all for now.

Keep hoping anyhow.

Perfection is what we all desire.

We can’t aim higher.

Tich Ennis

26th January, 2019

The Nothing God

Oh God may I speak the truth and help any other.

Say, my brother.

Or whoever reads your words and mine.

You write the line.

I neglected you for years and didn’t want to know.

It appeared so did we all, I was not first to go.

When all else failed and nothing had no charms, I came back to your arms.

Nothing made no sense so I came back, I’m here, you’re there.

I know you and I care.

Almost no one does and there is war and weariness and woe.

In an untrue world on I go.

I don’t know why you made me as you did, rather funny, with a sense of humour.

I only know you are no rumour.

Nothing else makes sense at all.

Oh Nothing God, walk tall.

In my soul you are large and small but all.

You made me a poet for my sins.

Love begins.

Oh truth, be not ignored.

I was bored.

That was then, this is now.

Little by little anyhow.

Sometimes I think I get it right.


Some may smile and say you fool.

How wise is the world, how cruel?

When all else fails there is the golden rule.

Yours faithfully, a fool.

Tich Ennis

5th January, 2019


People respect you more when you’ve achieved.

Achieve fame and be believed.

This truth is not absolute.

Respect a gunman, he may shoot.

People can believe what they want, a person said to me.

I do not agree.

What people say they believe and do believe may be different, you see.

To revert to the matter of respect.

Who is worthy, who correct?

Can you believe anything that is not true, yes, if someone is fooling you.

Then you are a fool too.

I value respect, truth and belief with this proviso.

Some serve only their own ego.

I called this poem Respect.

Was I correct?

I touched on other topics too.

Some may apply to you.

Tich Ennis

1st November, 2018


I am a man with conflicting desires.

I want to light and put out fires.

I want to stay in, I want to go out.

I want to see my sister temporarily before she goes out and about.

If I twiddle my thumbs for a while all will come to pass.

Live horse and you’ll eat grass.

Time is something you get over given half a chance.

Don’t ask the wrong girl at a dance.

Almost anyone will do for a fool like you.

Slowly the pieces fall into place, arriving at a state of grace.

You fooled me once, don’t fool me twice.

That’s my advice.

What is the poet saying here?

I’m going out for a beer.

Tich Ennis

3rd February, 2018