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A robot could do my job, sitting in a chair.

Sometimes they crash in mid air.

If you want to save the world from plastic, use a pencil, I do.

Why not you?

It’s a small thing you can do.

Fish can’t chew.

I don’t want to be replaced by a machine.

You know what I mean.

I like Ireland green.

A sight unseen.

I got a bit poetic there.

Do you care?

Clean air.

No, I’m not a robot, are you?

Me too.

Tich Ennis

18th May, 2019


I see the horizon and the sea.

Who will come there with me?

What lies beyond, what is my goal?

Beneath the sea are fish, a shoal.

Let us put up sail, you and I.

Sail to where the horizon meets the sky.

Don’t ask why.

Something calls me, calling you.

The sea and sky are blue.

Let us draw a line.

In time.

Welcome horizon, welcome sea and sky.

You are you and I am I.

I am a dot.

Nothing I am not.

You’re all I’ve got.

Thanks a lot.

Tich Ennis

25th September, 2018