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I have a nodding acquaintance with a bore.

He makes me snore.

A bore tells you all about snails.

True and false tales.

While I’m on the subject I hate ideology.

And other codology.

Nationalism and communism give me the creeps.

In practice deadly, the company of their advocates faciltates deep sleeps.

Have I mentioned fascism, why not?

If I say anything against it I might get shot.

Of late I’ve been writing four line poems but I can’t say it in four lines all the time.

Alright, a snail leaves slime.

Tich Ennis

Friday, 11th October, 2019

Past Versions

I am not an anarchist now but thought I might be.

Whatever flag I fly people will fight me.

When young, as others, I said maybe I am an idealist.

I looked it up, I said no, I’ll cross that off the list.

Communism appeared to have something to it but, in practice, Hell.

Some kind of socialism, half measures, people cooperating if they would.

But where does that work, nowhere so far.

Nazism I rule out, or fascism if you prefer.

I wear no label, don’t categorise.

I venerate the wise.

Nationalism is a no-no, nationalism kills.

When I find out what I’m about I’ll stop taking pills.

Actually, I don’t, I smoke and drink.

I sometimes think.

I muse, I am amused, confused.

But not very, don’t worry.

I leave no mark, I am no snail.

Still I lived to tell the tale.

I’m not much of a joiner, I bow to no king.

My last words may be I did my thing.

Tich Ennis

14th November, 2018

Left Right

If you go far enough left you come out on the right.

Good night.

Shut up and eat your bun.

We have a gun.

No fun.

Tich Ennis

13th April, 2018