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Why tell everyone what to do, what about you?

The environment so called, I want the Earth to survive and people to stay alive.

So what, what do I do, not a lot.

You could buy less plastic, don’t drive, walk, give up the talk.

Ok, Obama in the U.S.A. wanted to close Guantanamo, congress said no.

So what about what you wish, I may wish it too.

What do you do?

Tell your parents to give up their cars, how will you get your Mars bars?

Grow up, get sense, start acting now.

Don’t just say it matters anyhow.

Sit down protests do absolutely nothing except waste everyone’s time, including yours.

Virtue signalling its called, do you fly on tours?

A million marched against the Iraq war, did it stop?

Have you any cop?

I know young people like showing off and to rebel.

It appears we’re on our way to Hell.

I believe what you do, not what you say.

When you protest I look the other way.

The biggest polluters on Earth are the Chinese.

Protest outside their embassy if you please.

That will make no difference, they don’t tolerate protest.

When you grow up you will find common sense is best.

Stop telling others what to do.

What about you?

Do you say it makes no difference what you do, stop eating beef.

Your naivete is beyond belief.

Dictators tell everyone what to do and make them do it too.

The future is up to you.

To do something you must know how and have a way.

Otherwise why should people listen to what you say?

Stand for election if you can’t stand the people there.

Without a plan you will get nowhere.

No votes, not one.


If you make enough of a nuisance of yourself for long enough lip service may be paid by politicians, is that enough?

Don’t play rough.

You need to change people’s mind, maybe someday, maybe too late the penny will drop.

As far as rubbish goes, stop.

Rubbish includes protesting and pollution.

What is your solution?

Did you ever hear of such a thing as a thought out plan?

When you have one I’m your man.

God bless your innocence, such as it is.

What you’re doing is showbiz.

Tich Ennis

30th April, 2019

Karl Marx

I should read Karl Marx but I’d be bored.

I slept, I snored.

Life is a serious condition if you look at it that way.

Serious people, go away.

The cure may be worse than the disease.

DDT kills fleas.

Also penguins in the Arctic Circle, it was banned.

Free us from plastic in this land.

People once thought aerosols were great.

What about the ozone layer, we make our fate.

Hell, I don’t want people telling me what to do.

Do you?

Tich Ennis

25th March, 2019

Orphan Jukebox

I gave a jukebox to the men’s shed, then they fell apart.

They want me to take it back, that would break my heart.

So to a rubbish dump it goes, why did the men’s shed close?

You ask me, human nature, they could not get along.

That’s a common occurrence here, its an old Irish song.

The jukebox hails from 1956, if put together it would do its tricks.

Valves and all that, great sound, destined for a rubbish mound.

A hundred records, two hundred songs.

Is a rubbish dump where it belongs?

Tich Ennis

26th October, 2018


My mind wanders, is it too late to save the Earth?

Its our only planet for what its worth.

Or to bring about world peace.

Starting with the Olympic games in Greece.

Wind back, rewind, what did I say, remind, remind.

So I am old, quite likely losing my mind.

I love scenery and poetry, don’t leave it behind.

Tich Ennis

22nd October, 2018

Intelligent Stuff

When I write intelligent stuff, stuff that makes people think, no one likes it, they blink.

Do a person’s thinking for them and they love you, make them think and they hate you said some American guy.

He took the words out of my mouth, I have a brain, this person, I.

Oh well couch potato if that is what you are.

Some day you may get your TV from a star.

Meet me in the bar.

Tich Ennis

17th October, 2018

Coffee Shop

Am I the sole customer in the coffee shop?

Are bricks and mortar coming to a full stop?

Is mortality all its cracked up to be?

What about me?

Have I no one to talk to, no one with whom to converse?

It could be better, it could be worse.

Later I will go to the shopping centre, business is slow.

And to the cheap supermarket, then home I go.

The coffee shop is here, there are five.

Sometimes I wonder why am I alive.

What rhymes with strive?

Tich Ennis

17th October, 2018


Explain the world to me or must I explain?

Gaining understanding gives me pain.

The answer is in the question.

Teachers bridle at that suggestion.

Ask the perfect question, perfectly framed.

Simplicity is for what the great are famed.

Ask, but who to ask, yourself, that is your task.

Seek and you shall find said someone, never mind.

Untie the ties that bind.

You have a mouth and ears and eyes.

Use them to make a body wise.

The ties of ignorance are chains, cut loose.

Remove your gag and blindfold, what’s the use?

I speak to those with ears to hear.

The undiscovered country is right here.

Meanwhile I drink beer.

So it is down to me to explain.

Oh life, oh pain.

When you know the pain will disappear.

There is not far from here.

How may I make it clear?

I shed a tear.

What’s another year in jail, in Hell?

A year too much, free me from this cell.

So I explain, the key is you.

You know what to do.

I do too.


An end to pain.




Tich Ennis

1st September, 2018