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Anne Frank

Anne Frank deserved a life she didn’t get one she left a book behind.

Brilliantly written, never mind.

About her two years in captivity which came to a sad end.

She had a boyfriend.

She wrote for herself and no one else to see.

That’s the right way if you ask me.

Self consciousness is the death of art and everything else, where do I start?

It was published and caused a sensation.

She was the flower of her nation.

Killed because she was a Jew.

Christ was one too.

The good guys get killed I once said.

That’s no reason to stay in bed.

Have I left things unsaid?

Tich Ennis

3rd June, 2019


Art In Arklow

Make of Ireland a work of art.

Arklow would be a start.

Art comes from imagination and feeling, it is inspiring.

Some old politicians are retiring.

Does hope lie in the young or not so young or some so old?

More or less anywhere there is gold.

Once in Avoca there was a goldmine, not mine.

Ask a leprechaun for wine.

Anyway, how can we make Arklow hop?

Try not to close a shop.

What about the main street, where people meet?

Should there be more benches so people can rest their feet?

I say so, yes.

Its not all a mess.

How can we stop it getting worse?

The river sewage demands a verse.

Must politicians be a curse?

Its not necessarily politicians, it’s the powers that be.

From whom set us free.

Allow me to be me.

The truth will set you free.

Who said that, not me.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it said an American.

Let that be your plan.

If it is, get to it.

Do it.

Tich Ennis

27th May, 2019

Real Life

We want real life to be better, it is in art.

In real life where do we start?

Art has feeling, number one.

In a song or painting, scenery and Sun.

It is technically accomplished, it takes time, and care and thought, as in this rhyme.

It is amusing, enjoyable, made by those who care.

It is for everyone, though sometimes rare.

Life is nothing if not a work of art.

When do we start?

We means you and I.

Don’t make me cry.

By the way if you want to do something you have to find out how.

Is that enough for now?

They say art is not about real life.

This time it is, they got it wrong.

I’ll be seeing you, so long.

Tich Ennis

30th March, 2019


What’s wrong with me?

Can’t my heart and mind agree?

When my mind takes precedence is my brain dense?

Ok, I’m smart, don’t break my heart.

Is there a fall back position in this war of attrition?

It is not a matter of who wins, it’s a question of when love begins.

Heart start.

Brain don’t fart.

Does the heart rule the head or am I dead?

Heart and mind must be at one.

Together they make up my soul.

Then I am whole.

Sorry for using the word fart.

That was my brain not my heart.

May I make art.

My tortured soul.

Be whole.

Tich Ennis

17th February, 2019


Are newspapers gone out of date, who wants to read about hate?

The internet is full of it too, they want you to be a hater too.

I buy one newspaper a week, I’m not that mad.

You must be thinking of the other lad.

War sells, Hell’s bells.

I love wishing wells.

Long on diagnosis, short on cure.

Life at this price is something to endure.

I save money by not spending.

Happy ending.

Should I mention art the public hates?

My pen awaits.

Tich Ennis

3rd December, 2019


Will this poem change the world for the better?

This letter.

I urgently await an answer.

Can I cure cancer?

Not without trying.

Is living dying?

I wish to wake from a bad dream.

That things are as they seem.

Don’t wake me until then, don’t wake me up.

I shut up.

That appears abrupt.

Must the world be corrupt?

I look forward to a change of course, of course.

Back to source.

Tich Ennis

26th November, 2018