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You never tell me whether you like my stuff, okay, what am I looking for, praise?

The end of days.

Lost in a maze.

See through the haze.

Is that the white flag of peace I see through the smoke or a bloodstained bandage, give my heart ease.

The turmoil and the tumult batter on.

When peace comes war is gone.

So I die and no one knows.

Do you prefer poetry or prose?

God knows.

Tich Ennis

23rd June, 2017


Everyone has an axe to grind.

When I say everyone I mean nearly everyone, do you mind?

Take the media, for example.

Look at a cross sample.

Video, print, whatever.

Are they objective never?

Hardly ever.

Similarly in politics and people supporting football teams.

Fairness? Honesty? In your dreams.

My country right or wrong is an old song.

As some black guy said, why can’t we get along?

His name was Rodney King if memory serves me right.

The white police were spoiling for a fight.


Who knows wrong from right?

We have wars, dislike and hate because we choose.

That is the news.

No wonder black men sang the blues.

You would in their shoes.

In wars we lose.

How many dead and wounded on both sides?

As fish in the sea in waves and tides.

Pick up the pieces after, son or daughter, from the slaughter.

A child knows peace is best.

Harmony, music, a friend and the rest.

Out of the mouths of babes came forth the truth.

Must young men die in youth?

I say no.

And so I go.

Tich Ennis

18th June, 2017


A student started the first world war in which millions died including many, many young.

Treated like dung.

Ask students will they do it again before they turn into men.

Students have a lot to learn if they do it.

Get down to it.

Should students teach or preach or ban free speech?

In case you don’t know or never think the answer is no.

Sense tells you so.

They don’t know.

A student is one who studies, look it up.

If I was rude I might say shut up.

So learn.

Then you may earn.

Tich Ennis

20th May, 2017



Are you taking the pill of life? Is it doing you good?

It will, touch wood.

Touch wood is superstition, never mind.

The harmless kind.

As long as you don’t believe it, take it or leave it.

For what or when or where is life the cure?

Illusion? Delusion?

Is the cure worse or better than the disease?

Are you on your knees?

I mention fleas.

In times like these.

Take the tablets one day at a time.

Read rhyme.

Life sentence for what crime?

Yours or mine?

Live coward or dead hero?

You killed your mother, Nero.

Must we take the blame?

For shame.

The first world war was based on illusion.

I thought I’d just say that, the hero delusion.

Stupidity has no limit nor the potential of the human race.

We live in more or less disgrace.

So it seems to me.

You may or may not agree.

Should we fight about it, shout about it or live in harmony?

What’s best for you and me?

Have you a clue?

How do you do?

I end here.

Thanks for your ear.

(Must I spell things out as to a child?

Peaceful tribes live in the wild).

Tich Ennis

19th May, 2017

No Laughing Matter

Satire doesn’t work, it preaches to the converted.

Its target is not hurted.

Irony is a dangerous weapon, people think you mean it.

Speak truth when you have seen it.

T. S. Eliot, a poet, said the truth is what is most hated.

So is a truth teller, the man for whom we waited.

Yes, war and misery and lies are not funny to the wise.

Open your eyes.

There’s none so blind as those who don’t want to see was said when I was a child to me.

In my old age I see.

The truth sets you free.

Even from me.

Tich Ennis

16th May, 2017


The probable is improbable, do we live in a bubble?

Must a rhyme rhyme all the time?

Books are written and cards are played according to probability.

Shall I learn about it in my years of senility?

I’ll wait and see, that’s me.

Probably yes, probably no, I tried it once and won.

What am I, I ask myself, a setting sun?

Once again the sun will rise, all will be made clear.

Do not worry, there’s no hurry, lazybones is here.

Tich Ennis

14th April, 2017

Dear Hitler

I know you are dead.

But all the same, are you to blame?

In the blame game.

You are dead, that’s what I said.

You assisted many to die, may I ask why?

Eventually you took your own life and your common law wife.

You did not win, is that a sin?

Many believed in you and hated you too.

May I mention the word Jew?

I cannot say you are my kind.

Never mind.

Nowadays nothing is treated as anyone’s fault.

Is life written by a Disney called Walt?

So we disnify and die.

Were you raving mad?

You’re not allowed to say that now but I said it and I’m glad.

These words apply to many others.

Sisters, brothers.

Is Kim Il-sung forever young?

Watch your tongue.

I cannot go on forever.

Is the truth allowed to be spoken, never?

Madness is treated as sane.

I am in pain.

If you don’t want to understand you won’t.

Do or don’t.

Tich Ennis

8th April, 2017