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Simple Things

The glow of the fire raises my spirit higher.

The line between the sea and sky brings me high.

Clover on the ground where shamrock may be found.

Birdsong sound.

Tich Ennis

7th March, 2018


Get In Touch

People from all around the world get in touch.

I won’t say much.

This and that and such.

Tich Ennis

27th February, 2015

Normal People

Normal people like my stuff, so I heard, that’s enough.

Young and old alike, the rest get on your bike.

I sing what I like.

The best of the old is great, it was new once, age is your fate.

Why hesitate?

I won’t say more, I could say less.

My parting words, God bless.

It cheers me up to ring a friend, try it, this is not the end.

Make do and mend.

Eternal friend.

Tich Ennis

7th February, 2018


Patreon – Maybe?

I am considering signing up for the artists’ patronage site, Patreon.  At a glance it appears good or maybe very good.  I don’t allow myself to get excited.  Some guy said he doesn’t believe in positive thinking because you think its going to happen and it doesn’t then you get all depressed.

Where have all the patrons gone?  Gone to the digital world, everyone.  There goes the mob, I am their leader, I must follow them.  After further consideration.  Look before you leap.  Yesterday we stood on the edge of an abyss, today we take a great leap forward – Russian politician.

My most recent poem blogged here, Sinn Fein, is not my most recent poem, I normally put them up chronologically, in order of writing.  I suppose I’ll get around to putting that earlier one up.   I need to read up about Patreon.

Its snowing here now, first snow I’ve seen for a long time.  Predicted, but predictions are often unreliable.  You can’t be wrong all the time.

About Patreon, when I know what, how, and why I may write further on that topic.  If it works, it works.  It appears to work for some, as far as I can see from a brief study.

I feel my stuff is uncategorisable, does not fit any niche or genre, I know some like it.  The real world and the virtual, the real world is more expensive.  Matter matters, matter costs.  Paper, ink, printing, plastic discs, but I like that world too.  It is my first love.

So I climb a learning curve.  Slow learner though I be.  I desire a comprehensive overview.  I feel it may take me three days to get there, the summit, apex, pinnacle, look up your thesaurus.  Top.  From where I will survey the scene.

Where to have the picnic?  Or whether, weather permitting.  The top will do, enjoy the view.  Birds may eat the crumbs.  The joy of alfresco, no floor to sweep up.  And if you spill your drink don’t panic.  Far from the kitchen sink.

Patreon here I come but will you notice?  New worlds to conquer, said the unwanted immigrant.  Napoleon was not French, I console myself with that thought.  An outsider.  With an objective view.

Does anyone want my tourist postcards?

Tich Ennis

16th January, 2018



Big Fool

May I not let people down with a bump or otherwise.

I let myself down bigtime since I fell from the skies.

You may say by what airline did I fly when I fell from the sky?

The same as you, how do you do, I broke a heart or promise two.

Or maybe more, encore, encore, most of my life was a waste of time.

Ten years ago I took up rhyme.

There is no point in telling lies, I wish to regain the skies.

All aboard, we take off soon, this flight passes by the Moon.

Then back to Earth, let down again, when we have peace between men.

Fellow travellers, let it be, your pilot is a fool like me.

Bloody history leave behind out of sight and out of mind.

It is not easy but its true you and I know what to do.

I mean every word I say, what can I say?

Have a nice day. Better, make a good day, not nice.

Follow your own advice.

Trust your heart, you know what to do and how to be.

Don’t leave it all to me.

Why can’t we agree?

If we did less people would be dead.

That’s what I said.

Life means something when we want it to.

Its up to me and you.

Who goes first, best or worst?

At least I try before I die.

Wars happen, why?

Is my heart in the right place?

Be in a state of grace.

End disgrace, human race.

I am the clown who does not want to let you down.

A clown is for fun and laughter.

And happy ever after.

Peace and love are not just words, they are how to be.

I ask myself am I the biggest fool?

That’s me.

Tich Ennis

11th January, 2018


Cruel God

Is God vengeful, vindictive, a sore loser? Getting his own back on us?   What did we do wrong?   What did I do wrong?   Is being born a mortal sin?   Our mortality rate is very high, a hundred per cent. We’re here for a good time, not a long time said a man in a pub.   And I quote.

Edna O’Brien, who is a good Irish writer, not of Mills and Boon type though we have some of those, said her mother said we are not meant to be happy. Another man in a pub said there’s no such thing as happiness. He said his wife went off with a million pounds. I recommended my sister marry him, she said she doesn’t want to marry a man who drinks whisky at ten in the morning.   He has a nice house but my sister has one already.

Why marry? Find a woman you don’t like and give her your house. I’m full of quotations, some Irish comedian said that first. Another man said he tried being a comedian but no one laughed.   That’s a joke for a start.

Now where was I, God. Don’t get me started. I asked my nephew, who does not believe in God, if there is a God could he have made people with a burning desire to be an artist, with the soul of an artist but not the talent?   Yes, my nephew replied. He is an artist, my nephew, not God. Ok maybe God is an artist. A piss artist. Will I go to Hell for saying that? Is God Van Gogh, passionate, I would say so. Is he misguided? Who has he to look up to?

As a young person I had interaction with a paedophile but he didn’t do anything. He said I was too innocent. He did with other boys. Duane Eddy, guitarist, had a piece of music called last moment of innocence, which I didn’t like. I mean the name. I thought it was too close to the bone, being then a teenager, innocence left behind. And lamented.

God, do we have to do it all for you? Do I? Okay, joke. A man asked another why do you always answer a question with another question and the other man said do I?   He was a Kerryman. Has God a dirty mind? What can he have been thinking of when he dreamed up sexual reproduction? Porn movies?

My title here, Cruel God, may be ironic, sardonic, sarcastic, whatever, or just a grab your eyes headline, speaking as a former journalist. Are you buying? A newspaper should make you fall out of your chair in amazement said William Randolph Hearst, newpaper magnate. See tabloids, red tops, comics. Or any other paper, posh or otherwise. We read newpapers which support our prejudices. Judge not lest ye shall be judged.

Is God a psycho? If so, what hope is there for us? Some boys like pulling the wings off flies. Are those boys made in God’s image, as we are told at school we all are? A fight broke out in a jail during anger management class, I think that’s funny but that’s just my sense of humour.   Would psychiatric help help? Help God, I mean. After all, he is a serial killer. He kills us all. Can he reform or be reformed? You have to want to give up your addiction. Are you persuasive?

I’m dying to meet God, so are many others. In fact all, believers and non believers alike.   Does God believe in God? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe yourself? Can you believe your eyes? Are you hallucinating? Is God a drug addict? Or has he left us to our devices, devilish though they may be?

Imagine for a moment that I am God. What do I say? I’ve done my bit, now its up to you.

Call me mad, call me non-existent, but call me. Wars are waged in my name. Who’s wrong, who’s right? You figure it out. I’ve got better things to do. Sudoku. Karaoke singing. Whatever turns you on.

Life is a joke but you don’t get it.

Sorry God, I’m only joking.

Tich Ennis

8th December, 2018


Tich Ennis Club

Don’t blame me, its my kid brother’s idea. He was secretary of the Irish Chinese Cultural Society and has experience in these matters.

Membership: Free. But you must at least buy my CD or one of my books so far published, one out of print, but who knows, I may bring it back to life.

Rules: No kneecapping.

Aims: Yet to be determined.

Inaugural Meeting: When? I don’t know.

Possible Venues: Dublin Zoo, The Duke Pub in Duke Street, Dublin or somewhere else that doesn’t come to mind at the moment. Maybe the Bridge Hotel in Arklow.

Benefits of Membership: Unstated.

Note: This is NOT a political party, more a birthday party.

The Duke Pub sold my first book Pub Talk, I am undyingly grateful.

If James Joyce was alive today he would patronise the Duke, among other places. Why not?

My work has been compared, by me, with James Joyce, unfavourably.

I am not James’ biggest fan, Flann O’Brien is my man. Also many others from here and there, J.D. Salinger is good, why not P.G. Wodehouse, John Betjeman, the list goes on and on.

I like good music, Irish or otherwise, it must have feeling. I like a house where I can’t touch the ceiling.

When will we reach critical mass? When our membership exceeds a million, or a hundred, or ten.

Become an honorary member, join the club, come as you are, give the relic a rub.

There’s many a true word spoken in jest. No nice people, nice is fake good. Touch wood.

I once suggested a nice people’s club where you could go and meet only nice people. You wouldn’t be allowed in, said the barman.

So raise a glass, all things must pass, alas, alas, don’t cry in your beer, get in here.

This club founded on the first of January 2018, I having stopped the clock. At 2:59 and fifty nine seconds. The eleventh hour. I didn’t come down in the last shower.

During the coming year we wish to consolidate our gains without going to great pains.

My brother has over a hundred names and addresses of people who may or may not put their money where their mouth is, wherever that may be. Wait and see.

The rest is history. Start before you’re ready. But, where can I buy? Right here right now. Tich Ennis, Reality, 22 Seaview Avenue, Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Some years ago says I to my brother I will found the Tich Ennis appreciation society. It would have only one member says he. Now the club is born.

A club was good enough for cavemen, why not you?

Get writing. Heaven may be yours. Who knows? Not you if you don’t try. Would you risk it for a biscuit?

All welcome. Irrespective of race, colour or creed. Forget those things. Join the club.

TEC. We shall rule the world. If you’re not in you can’t win. Begin.

It starts here.

Now is the hour, me oul’ flower. Me oul’ segocia.

Pen and ink were made for this, it started with a kiss.

Eternal bliss.

If you don’t buy my book I’ll burn you at the steak. I like mine medium rare.

Write if you care.

Tich Ennis,


22 Seaview Avenue,


Co. Wicklow,


Book (Reasonable Rhymes) 5 euros.

CD (Great Irish Songs) 10 euros.

Add 2 euros for post and packing.

If even one buys that’s something.

Spread the word.

Tich Ennis

3rd January, 2018