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Save The World

How can I save the world when I’m going gaga?

My mind wanders, that’s my saga.

Suppose I punch you in the eye have you a right to punch me back?

Or is punching wrong whoever started the attack?

If you atom bomb me can I or should I do the same to you?

Like, me too.

What about collateral damage, innocent people with no finger on the missile button, no part to play?

Fair is fair or is it, what do you say?

If I suicide bomb you do you suicide bomb me?

The question is can we agree.

Call me senile if you like.

What about a boy on a bike?

Or a girl on a trike?

As you like.

Its your choice, so choose.

Do you agree with me we have a lot to lose?

Tich Ennis

14th October, 2017



If you disagree with this poem write your own.

Or call me on the phone.

I may not be home.

I look forward to your future endeavour.

When will I hear from you, never?

You may become rich and famous before me.

Whether you become obnoxious then remains for me to see.

Mostly such people are more or less mad.

If fame went to your head would it be sad?

Regard me as a test case in my pre-fame days.

I do not wallow in your praise.

Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks you’re an asshole, as you know.

Maybe one day you’ll have your own TV show.

I wouldn’t know.

Tich Ennis

12th October, 2017


I was sure I had it, but I was wrong.

Something or other, I get along.

I thought it was nearly over, there’s nothing to it.

Wrong again, how do I do it?

Some things come easily to me, not everything, you see.

To digress, some people like some things and others others.

Some have more sisters than brothers.

About being sure, don’t be sure too soon.

Its almost certain there’s more to the tune.

Do not make a prior assumption.

That’s what we intellectuals call presumption.

Use your gumption.

Every detail must be right before you say goodnight.

Or you have not done your best.

Pass the test.

Then rest.

Tich Ennis

6th October, 2017


You can’t blame others for how you are, that’s for sure.

All things are pure to the pure.

How do I fit into this jigsaw puzzle?

Does your dog require a muzzle?

I had a dog and cat once upon a time and more than one or two.

I played with mine, do you?

Now I more or less live alone.

Me, my radio, my computer and my phone.

I write and write and write, alright.

I write day and night.

I have not got much appetite.

I like food when it has good taste.

I hope the Earth will not be laid to waste.

And that my writing is to your taste.

Tich Ennis

29th August, 2017


My purpose seems to be to explain.

The truth appears to give people a pain.

Will we have rain?

What do you expect in Ireland except bad weather?

It gives us something to talk about, keeps us together.

Alright, so one and one makes two.

Are you listening, are you hearing when I speak to you?

It appears no is the answer.

You dismiss me as a chancer.

Suppose I have a cure for cancer?

Doctor heal thyself you all cry out.

Alright, I heard you, do not shout.

Am I entitled to fool about?

At least don’t tell me to shut my mouth.

Tich Ennis

29th August, 2017

Doer And Dreamer

Waiting for tomorrow, live now.

It might never happen anyhow.

The doer and the dreamer must combine.

Once you do it everything is fine.

It might not work out but do it anyway.

Make your day.

Tich Ennis

24th August, 2017