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Poster Boy

Poster designed by me not printed yet.

CD not duplicated yet.

Its coming, like Christmas.

Book ready in small quantities.

We can but try, Tich Ennis, 9th December, 2017



Extremists wear any cloak, they never smile, they never joke.

In the name of what is best they kill the rest.

Nationalism, ideology and other codology it kills you and your child too.

More deadly than the Asian flu.

What the Hell is religion for, to bring us hate and death and war?

How about love one another and everyone and all God made?

You live in shadow and in shade.

Is God a God of peace or what, you believe a lot of rot.

We believe what you do not what you say, Satan, Satan go away.

Allow a child to play.

Tich Ennis

9th December, 2017


The Brexiteers are Sinn Feiners, ourselves alone.

Call Gerry Adams on the phone.

Throw the dog a bone.

They cannot leave the past alone.

Empire nostalgia is a funny thing, they love a queen or king.

The past is more important than now, we don’t want immigrants anyhow.

This is their song Britannia rules the waves and waives the rules.

May God preserve public schools.

No empire unless we are in charge, remember the light brigade.

Is this the biggest mistake we ever made?

We invented lemonade.

We like telling foreigners what to do, we are not like you, or so we say.

Shakespeare wrote a play.

We can’t forget, we cannot learn, without you we cannot earn.

Is the British empire a lost cause?

We were great at winning wars.

We had half the world but now we don’t.

Will we get sense, we will, we won’t.

Little England or Great Britain?

We’re out to prove we’re no one’s kitten.

Leave us alone is our song, we are right and you are wrong.

We can do without you, but not quite.

We’ll muddle through our darkest night.

The land of hope and glory will be alright.

Tich Ennis

8th December, 2017


Stands the clock at half past three and is there coffee still for tea?

Who wrote that, me.

Strongly influenced by Rupert Brooke who’s poem is worth a second look.

He died in the first world war possibly in the trenches.

When alive he may have sat on village benches.

Everyone loved his poem he said he wrote it in five minutes flat.

That’s that.

I suppose I’m less serious than him.

The boy in Treasure Island is called Jim.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote that and many others you have heard of but may not know he wrote.

Frank Sinatra was called old golden throat.

I sailed on the mailboat.

I name some famous names here.

They come and go and disappear.

Life is not homosexual but queer.

I’m still here.

Tich Ennis

30th November, 2017


Is God upper class?

Kiss my ass.

We’ll let that pass.

No, does he look down from a lofty height?

He does not talk shite.

Am I the equal of God?

Who me, a lazy sod?

I’d say no, he believes in equality.

He is equality, you see.

I don’t believe in class, categories.

God bless us, I am about to sneeze.

Who makes jokes at times like these?

God is the greatest joker of them all.

Pride goes before a fall.

That’s all.

Its extremely hard to get a message through.

To jokes like you.

Tich Ennis

23rd November, 2017

Forever and Forever

Forever analysing, never curing, what is life, enduring?

Who cares for your opinion but you, who says what you should do?

Who says how you should be, who said the truth shall set you free?

The truth is attacked by fanatics with opinions from their grandfathers’ attics.

Speak it and be shouted down as a clown.

So Hell, is all well?

Stick to your guns or gun if it is true.

I would fire no bullet if I were you.

Am I the one to tell you what to do?

How about you?

Tich Ennis

13th November, 2017