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I have two names, David and Tich.

I am not rich.

I am diagnosed schizophrenic, so what?

Thanks a lot.

I dislike labels.

I like chairs and tables.

In their proper places, I don’t like airs and graces.

Under the name of David I drink and as Tich I sit and think.

And sometimes write.

I hope not shite.

I was born in Ireland to be geographic.

Should I go pornographic?

I might be a bigger seller.

Like Joseph Heller.

Another feller.

My brother says Joseph Heller was not pornographic, must I point that out?

He wrote Catch 22, a great book, no doubt.

Very funny too.

My best to you.

This poem is semi-demi autobiographical, often the best type.

Like David Copperfield and other tripe.

Allow the madman speak.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

What would you say if you spoke someone said to me.

Well, nothing much, do you agree?

At least I’m me.

Tich Ennis

1st December, 2017


Am I?

Am I a conventional poet am I damn.

I don’t know what I am.

Bread and jam.

I ate as a child, did I go wild?

What am I now anyhow?

The sum of all my experiences, pig and sow.

Behind the plough.

I’m experimental now.

Yes I believe oh God I do.

In you.

In that sense I might as well go to Hell.

Oh well.

To Hell and back for the crack.

I will be back.

When I know I’ll tell you so.

I am old and I am new.

You too.

Tich Ennis

29th November, 2017

Reaching Out

Reaching out to people who don’t know me, never heard me, never smelt me, never felt me.

Oh well there are many I don’t know, into the sea the rivers flow.

Will my voice ever be heard and read and seen, I, an unknown human being?

Maybe someday they will shake my hand, say good on yeh, that’s grand.

Or maybe not.

How can I be remembered if I am not forgot?

I don’t matter any more or less than any other person.

Of that at least I’m certain.

Tich Ennis

17th November, 2017

Not Gay

If a man talks to another man it doesn’t mean he’s gay.

He may just want to punch him or say have a nice day.

My brother asked a man what he called his dog he said sod off.

Without an embarassed cough.

A girl at a dance asked a guy his name he said sexy she said that’s an unusual name.

My brother could have said the same.

If a man is friendly to you he may want to bum a cigarette.

I said that to someone I met.

Or he met me while I had a cup of tea.

He went off empty handed that time maybe thinking I’m a swine.

By and large it depends on people’s manner.

Not every mechanic wields a spanner.

A friend of mine was rolled while drunk.

Drunk as a skunk.

People take advantage of the good side of your nature if you have one of those.

Some wear good clothes.

Not all, neither be a cynic nor a fool.

Did you learn anything at school?

I thought I might say something here about the past because I’m old.

Some stories beg to be told.

In the old days we knew how to walk and talk except maybe when leaving the pub at closing time.

History in this rhyme.

I once stepped over six bodies on my short way home.

Here in my native land, not ancient Rome.

Not dead but sleepeth as I read on a tombstone.

While I’m at it may I say how sad it is to defile the good word gay.

Once it meant children at play.

That was another day.

Drink is a good man’s failing as I said somehere, not here.

I know why people go on the beer.

Imperfection gets them down.

So they go on the town.

That’s my theory for what its worth.

Fellow residents of planet Earth.

Tich Ennis

28th October, 2017


I thought I was going mad, I feel better and I’m glad.

Life was getting me down, I am not one to wear a frown.

I am a happy go lucky guy, which is hard to be, I know why.

Whatever life may throw at me, I do my best, you see, you see.

I feel better now as I said in my first line.

Okay, is this a jail, are we serving time?

Its very good from time to time, I love my friends.

This poem ends.

Tich Ennis

13th October, 2017


If nearly everything is rubbish should I contribute?

If I say something you don’t like do you say shoot?

If you wish to shoot your mouth off does someone say shut up?

You must be a looney, you must be a nut.

If you have a screw loose what I say may be no use.

Ask yourself the same, two can play this game.

Who gives you or me the right to choose?

Don’t step on my blue suede shoes.

Tich Ennis

4th October, 2017


A computer means exactly what it says, they’d drive you crazy.

Or am I lazy?

Why are they so complicated?

I awaited enlightenment, I waited and waited.

Sooner or later it came along, I was doing things wrong.

Ask exactly the right question, that is my suggestion.

You too must mean what you say.

Have a nice day.

Hello world, I’ve seen the world, I didn’t like it.

Will I catch a bus or bike it?

Tich Ennis

3rd October, 2017