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Explaining relativity to Einstein I stumbled and broke my toe.

He said the law of gravity is old hat, you should know.

I said about quantum mechanics you were wrong.

He said no one knows everything, this conversation is terminated, so long.

Tich Ennis

27th July, 2018


It seems odd that poems often revert to source.

You may have noticed this, of course.

Back where they came from, they began.

This may be the poet’s plan.

Walk in a circle as the Earth around the Sun.

Back where you came from, where you begun.

You may say orbits are elliptical, of course.

That is if you studied in a bourse.

Look it up in a book if you must before you return to dust.

Or, as I now say, source.

Tich Ennis

27th December, 2017

When You Die

Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.

Are you annointed?

You want fast food and trivial pursuit?

Tell your executioner to shoot.

Your molecules may last until the next big bang, who knows?

You were born without clothes.

Make your excuses and leave.

Who will grieve?

Maybe you are a member of a religion that got it right.

Scientologists, goodnight.

Enjoy a drink after closing time.

Write your own rhyme.

This may be rubbish, that’s life.

You could die under the surgeon’s knife.

If you have a cure for death you will make money.

Life is funny ha-ha, funny peculiar and just funny.

You won’t need to take it with you if you don’t go.

A non-existent God can’t say I told you so.

Now you know.

Are my poems becoming obscure?

Truth will endure.

Tich Ennis

15th December, 2017


In The Event Of My Death

Do not despair.

I’m still there.

What to do?

Who will make the Irish stew?

Maybe you.

I could say sell all my shares and buy government bonds.

But I have no shares, only fish in ponds.

My massive gold hoardings and my gold mines sell them off if I have any at the time.

Highly unlikely, pay for my past crimes.

My debts I leave to the poor said Voltaire.

They’re used to them, I’ve been there.

So now my cost of living is zero.

I’d rather be a live coward than a dead hero.

Tich Ennis

30th November, 2017

Santa Claus

Not believing in Santa Claus doesn’t mean there isn’t one, you are responsible for your own belief.

Don’t give me grief.

At one time people believed the Earth is flat.

Fancy that.

So therefore you could be wrong.

Can you sing a song?

You may think so but what do others say?

Go away?

Are you looking forward to a Christmas present, be youPagan, Christian or Jew?

Or Muslim, to name but a few.

Possibly one will come.

Son of a gun.

The circulation of the blood and many other things were not believed.

Are you easily deceived?

Who gets your vote, who has you by the throat?

Speak up, spit it out.

Have you found out?

What makes you so sure?

Do roses grow well in manure?

Wherein lies your expertise?

Birds and bees?

Almost no one knows anything, that’s a fact.

Some actors don’t know how to act.

Consult yourself, what do you know?

One thing is sure, a snail moves slow.

Therefore, hang up your sock on Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus will tell you what to believe.

Or maybe he did long ago.

What do I know?

The Earth is round.


I may speak the truth incidentally.

Do you know many like me?

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2017



We knew everything before and discover it anew.

Some ancient philosopher said that, I don’t know who.

Alright, he said it is as if that is the case.

I don’t want egg on my face.

In a flash of illumination and recognition we know, at last.

As if we knew it in the past.

What can this mean, is all time one?

There’s nothing new under the Sun.

Is my life nearly run?

Not quite I hope when I have not begun.

Tich Ennis

29th August, 2017


Has it all been done before and said before and if so why say it again anymore?

Not all people seem to know or have heard the word, including me, I agree.

Truth is free.

In every age we rant and rage and fill a page.

We seek a sage.

The old is new and new is old, a neverending story told.

We wonder why we live and die and laugh and cry.

Beneath the sky.

So do I.

Tich Ennis

17th August, 2017