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Ghostwritten in invisible ink.

A book to make you think.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

You think you get it but you won’t.

A mystery for you to solve.

Grit your teeth with firm resolve.

This book is your life story too.

It may include a kangaroo.

It has a cast of characters of every race and creed.

It says a lot to those who learn to read.

Others may be unaware, not knowing it is there.

Look up the index, there’s your name.

Aren’t you glad you came?

Read on, read on until the end.

It’s a neverending book, my friend.

You may find this meaningless.

More or less a mess.

God bless.

Tich Ennis

7th November, 2018

Be Mine

Be mine, inspirer of all things.

May inspiration come as Saturn’s rings.

May I inspire and inspired be.

Oh inspiration come to me.

When thou art mine oh I am thine.

Forever glass of wine.

May I bring solace and inspire.

Forever ever climbing higher.

As a family, around a fire.

May I bring happiness and love.

Oh peace, where art thou, whitest dove.

Rest on my shoulder, sing your song.

With you I belong.

May I make right from wrong.

This is my prayer, this my plea.

May I forever walk with thee.

This my poem, let it be.

How great thou art, how little me.

I walk in humility.

Tich Ennis

5th November, 2018


Everyone is busy except me.

I am as busy as a monkey in a tree.

Darwin says I’m descended from an ape.

If I was Superman I would wear a cape.

I rang various people to no avail.

Are they all in jail?

For what crime, wasting time?

I might mention a coconut, I could, but.

Halloween is coming, spare a child a nut.

Tich Ennis

23rd October, 2018


The truth when perfectly stated is irrefutable.

Is that disputable?

Who says, you?

What am I to do?

Is one and one two?

Does the truth lie only in facts?

What about people’s acts?

Do you say motive matters, so do I.

May the truth lie in a lie?

A lie is the mirror opposite of the truth, as Shakespeare might say, forsooth.

So therefore yes.

When the truth is spoken is anybody’s guess.

I know I am not Plato, Plato is dead.

I speak instead.

Tich Ennis

12th October, 2018


Explain the world to me or must I explain?

Gaining understanding gives me pain.

The answer is in the question.

Teachers bridle at that suggestion.

Ask the perfect question, perfectly framed.

Simplicity is for what the great are famed.

Ask, but who to ask, yourself, that is your task.

Seek and you shall find said someone, never mind.

Untie the ties that bind.

You have a mouth and ears and eyes.

Use them to make a body wise.

The ties of ignorance are chains, cut loose.

Remove your gag and blindfold, what’s the use?

I speak to those with ears to hear.

The undiscovered country is right here.

Meanwhile I drink beer.

So it is down to me to explain.

Oh life, oh pain.

When you know the pain will disappear.

There is not far from here.

How may I make it clear?

I shed a tear.

What’s another year in jail, in Hell?

A year too much, free me from this cell.

So I explain, the key is you.

You know what to do.

I do too.


An end to pain.




Tich Ennis

1st September, 2018

Legal Consultation

Client: I want to sue a man for debt.

Solicitor: Does he owe you money?

Client: Yes.

Solicitor: Have you got the details?

Client, producing paper: Here.

Solicitor: I will write him a letter.

Client: Why?

Solicitor: So I can charge for it.

Client: What will it say?

Solicitor: Unless I receive the full amount from you within seven days I will have no option but to take legal action against you when you will become liable for the full amount plus costs.

Client: That’s not true.

Solicitor: What do you mean?

Client: You have another option. You could pay the debt yourself.

Solicitor: That would be unethical.

Client: If it goes to court what date will it be on? Will you be free?

Solicitor: I’m not free, I’m expensive.

Client: The law is open to everyone like the Ritz hotel.

Solicitor: We all have to live. Some of us very well.

Client: When will I hear from you?

Solicitor: In due course. We will allow the matter to resolve itself.

Client: Matters don’t resolve themselves, you have to resolve them.

Solicitor: My letter appeals to the good side of his nature if he has one.

Client: He is a white collar criminal.

Solicitor: Universal education leads to more white collar crime.

Client: That keeps you in business.

Solicitor: They usually get off.

Client: Why?

Solicitor: They can afford good lawyers.

Client: If there was no crime there would be no need for lawyers.

Solicitor: We have a vested interest in criminality.

Client: You can say that again. What happens if the money comes in?

Solicitor: It goes into my client account.

Client: Won’t that tempt you?

Solicitor: I can resist anything except temptation.

Client: In a perfect world there would be no lawyers.

Solicitor: Who wants perfection?

Client: Certainly not you. Will I let myself out?

Solicitor: Use the door marked exit. The law is not about justice its about the law.   The professions have mystique, that’s what you’re paying for.

Client: Don’t I know it. I’ll go before you lapse into Latin.

Solicitor: Veni vidi vici.

Client: Too late. I’m outa here. Arrivederci. (Exits, closing door. Solicitor rubs hands together. Curtain)

 Tich Ennis

7th July, 2018








I saw you walking by with a flower in your hair.

You did not see me there.

I said hello, you did not hear me though.

Girl I barely know.

You have charm.

God between us and all harm.

I’ll chance my arm.

You are a beautiful view.

The Sun comes shining through.

That’s you.

A ray of sunshine in a world of grey.

Have a nice day.

A lot of people have worry on their face.

You have grace.

Smiling face.

Tich Ennis

19th June, 2018