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Where is a man with a better brain than me?

I need some help you see.

I mean what the Hell, oh well.

I know what I want but not how to do it, I’m not a bloody expert in everything.

I know almost nothing about some things, how can I know everything?

I could pay someone to do it if I had money, that’s funny.

Experts can be a pain in the arse, someone told me to go somewhere and ask for Mr. Jarse, Hugh Jarse.

I can’t make my website, that’s what I’m saying.

Should I try praying?

Swearing at technology doesn’t make it work but it makes you feel better.

End of letter.

(I apologise for cursing and swearing.

It’s a substitute for caring.

Some man in India and many others have offered help, at a price.

If you want a thing done right do it yourself, that’s my advice.

Einstein’s brain has been preserved.

I am unnerved.)

Tich Ennis

18th June, 2017


Divine Spark

Never leave me, show me the way.

You turn night into day.

May compassion be my passion, may love never go out of fashion.

Guide the movement of my pen,

May I speak your words to men.

Today is Sunday once again,

I may see a friend, what then?

So I scribble with my pen.

Oh thou, oh you, the Divine Spark,

Let there be lightness where is dark.

Thank you for the children’s park.

My words are simple, may they be.

You mean everything to me.

Truth, oh truth, oh set us free.

Tich Ennis

28th May, 2017

All That Is

There’s far too much to know, how can I absorb it all?

In the grand scale of things I am very small.

I mean, where do I start, where do I end?

I ask myself, I am my best friend.

A little knowledge, so they say, is a dangerous thing.

Am I half way between a peasant and a king?

It appears almost pointless to learn any more.

Infinity is a long way off, show me to the door.

Tich Ennis

27th May, 2017

The Right Book

I’m searching for a book I’ll never find, one that helps me make up my mind.

Where oh where is that book, I need a second look.

I’m sure I saw it somewhere before, I walked through every room and every door.

Is it lying on the floor?

Some leave a book beneath the bed, some under the pillow instead.

Can I learn by osmosis, would such a book induce coronary thrombosis?

I want to learn that book by heart, I don’t want to end before I start.

That book, my book, has many pages.

I’ve been wanting it for ages.

Tich Ennis

6th May, 2017