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I am a voice for the voiceless including me.

How may the blind see?

I also wish the deaf to hear so I whisper in their ear.

Not everything is hunky-dory, you know the story.

People sometimes let me down with a bump or otherwise.

At my age that’s no surprise.

You may have old age to look forward to, lucky you.

My senses are pretty well intact, at long last its time to act.

That’s a fact.

I am neither deaf nor blind nor mute.

Did you say shoot?

From time to time I talk in rhyme.

As here and now, anyhow.

Behold the ploughman with his plough.

That’s all for now.

Is that ending abrupt?

At least you did not interrupt.

Over and out.

Don’t shout.

That’s what its all about.

Tich Ennis

19th October, 2017


Fancy Free

Money and me are passing acquaintances, money is fancy free.

I borrow from a friend to bring music to you.

You and you and you and me too.

Artists only buy from each other an artist said.

Are we all artists before we’re dead?

I wrote a book, I sang a song, how long, oh Lord, how long?

For a joke God made a money tree.

I sit under the apple tree.

My pockets are empty, can’t you see?

Tich Ennis

16th October, 2017


Kevin Myers

       Good article by you in today’s Sunday Times on social media, which I may or may not fully agree with. its not all bad, it has its good points when used well. Drugs serve a purpose, good and bad.
       I hate to see an eight year old walking along with her head buried in a machine.  Teachers say four year olds come to school not knowing how to talk to others.  My brother said young people today don’t know how to write a letter, they don’t even know how to talk said a friend.
       A recent book said children should not go to school until they are six so they learn how to socialise.  A friend cheered when I said that.
       Could you do an article on post-truth and fake news?  See Post Truth, the New War on Truth and how to Fight Back by Matthew D’Ancona reviewed in the same paper along with another book on the same topic.  These may not fully cover the subject.  Hear the podcast from BBC Radio 4 of last week in, I think, Start the Week on that subject, which is very good.
        A Chinese woman was good on the topic, D’Ancona also spoke.
        God knows there is much to criticise in the modern age.  A friend, a lecturer, said half the subjects in university are just there to make money for the university.  A fake world?
         Keep up the good work.  see Voltaire on free speech, also under attack today.
          Keep smiling,
Tich Ennis
22nd May, 2017



Okay, I won’t use WordPress to design my website.  Too complex.

Weebly, Wix and IM Creator are the website builders I am considering, all with many users and support and free options, including hosting.

I am tending towards Weebly.  It is cloud based, which seems to be an advantage.  Drag and drop design.  HTML5, although not of use to me, I won’t code.  Allows embedding of video, which I want.  Good full length title and tagging, unlike IM Creator.

Start from a blank sheet, which I want, or templates if you want to copy someone else.

SEO and all that.

Ease of use.  Design your own website just as you want it in an hour or so.  And publish.

They all have paid options with more features.  The free ones put their own name into your webname and have some other disadvantages.

Not a lot to choose between them.  There are lots of these programs out there.

With Weebly and IM Creator you can design first then publish or have hosted, in that order, the best way.

Weebly is responsive, as they call it, its output suits all devices, laptops, ipads, mobiles and desktops, in a better way than IM Creator.

IM Creator will display the output as on those other devices, I don’t know if Weebly does.  That’s icing on the cake.

Still thinking,


Tich Ennis

2nd April, 2017


Don’t worry, I’m there, or at least here, if only for the beer.

Be of good cheer.

I’m the good guy, I will save you before I die.

And you said there are no good guys, get wise.

I am an overgrown teenager, the lone ranger.

Idealism is unrealistic but is not dead.

Reality to the rescue when I get out of bed.

I sleep, I dream, I fantasise.

An end to lies.

In the morning I wake.

End heartbreak.

Tich Ennis

27th March, 2017

Christmas Presents Galore!

24th March, 2017

Lorcan and Teresa and Liz,

         First of all, apologies for being late with your Christmas presents but better late than never. I got mixed up with the calendar. To make up for it I now give the best present anyone ever got in the world, me forever!

         Yes, Michael Jackson is dead, a replacement was needed so I fill the gap. Here on CD for each of you to treasure and keep is a valuable heirloom, me on CD! Can you believe your eyes and ears! How can you be so lucky?

Some of these I recorded last year when I was a young man of 75, now 76 going on 100. Boy bands get out of the way!   The real thing is here.   Memories are made of this. It is possible to set a cd player to play on repeat for ever and ever until it wears out. Have spare players ready.

I put a film on the internet at so as not to disappoint those unfortunate enough not to own a copy of this CD, Great Irish Songs, I’m very thoughtful that way.

Bob Dylan turned down the Nobel prize after hearing about Great Irish Songs, and I don’t blame him. I would in his place.

Well, I like it anyway. As you may have gathered.

And you thought you got rid of me!   No such luck. A bad penny always turns up. Don’t cry when you play it. Why get tears in your beer? You could always buy a poster of me to put on your wall.  Or join my fan club. If I had one.   That will surely come. Stranger things have happened, or have they?

This CD is the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything, so I give it to you. Boy, will the neighbours be jealous!

You don’t get rid of me so easy. I’m here to stay.   I have staying power. And that voice! Singers all over the world will take early retirement, how can they compete? They can’t. They can hang up their rock and roll shoes. The real thing is here.

Spoken highly of in the advertisements. Accept no substitute. Life is worth living! Etcetera, etcetera. And so on and so on.

Anyway, I like it. If this is a hit I might make more. You have been warned. As Al Jolson said, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

It’ll have to do to be going on with. Its better than nothing. How much better? Play it and see. Best wishes,

David (Tich) Ennis

24th March, 2017

Website, Yes Or No?

21st March, 2017


Should I have a website and if so why?  For what?  More learning for me.  If I tried to make one.  I suppose I could sell my cd as a download from it, if anyone ever wants to buy it.

The burning question is what am l, what do I want, what do I do, what am I for?  That’s a lot of questions.  I write and recently have taken up singing.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch and no such thing as a free drink.  If no one wants my stuff, even for nothing, then they certainly won’t pay for it.  Why have a website?

If you were me what would you do, commit suicide?  Well you aren’t, lucky you.  Lucky me too.

Some Irish girl writer used everything, Twitter, Facebook, the lot to publicise her writing, sold first on the internet as a download from the various outlets and is now published on paper by a real publisher.  No, not 40 Shades of Grey, some other stuff.  She wrote a book about self publishing, which she called self printing, meaning print on demand.  As well as selling digitally.

I have some followers on my blog, probably not 70, people who have nothing better to do, as a friend said.

WordPress allows a person to have a free website.  Should I even consider it?  I am an old schoolboy.   Learning isn’t my thing.  I like to see a use in a thing.  Geometry, why?  Unless you want to be a geometrician.

What are the pros and cons?   For and against?  Which side are you on?

As my fellow writer Shakespeare would say, to website or not to website, that is the question.

What is a website for?

To be on every available form of social media if no one is interested is to be all dressed up with nowhere to go.   The dotcom boom was a bubble.  I don’t believe in magic.

Any thoughts?

Tich Ennis