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Do you use deodorant? No sweat.

What’s this, another stinking ad I’ll bet.

Because you’re worth it die in a dung heap.

Hopefully while you’re asleep.

Is it vulgar, is it rude to mention unmentionables, is it crude?

Is your name Ermintrude?

Why is a Latin name of a body part alright but not to say fart?

The scent of roses poets talk about, they don’t say smell.

It seems to me the same thing, oh well.

If you had a bath or shower you would not stink.

That’s what I think.

Tich Ennis

17th June, 2017

That Rat

I have done this but I haven’t done that,

I suppose I’ll have to go out, I smell a rat.

I once saw a live rat in a shop window beside a loaf of bread.

On the quays in Dublin, I suppose that rat is dead.

Another time a guy walking along the quays met a girl who asked him was he doing business at half past three.

So he said to me.

Or maybe it was half past one in the afternoon, he was surprised she was out so soon.

Not under the Moon.

Tich Ennis

24th March, 2017