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If I write my life story will it be biased, self serving and subjective?

I ask you the same, can you be objective?

About yourself of course, or would you want to be?

Are you self obsessed, like me?

If so, why would anyone want to know?

Am I a show off ever showing?

Am I a person worth knowing?

Is your opinion of yourself widely shared, I might ask myself the same if I cared.

Is your self esteem high or low?

I sincerely want to know.

About myself I don’t give a damn.

I think therefore I am.

That’s second hand, so what?

That’s your lot.

Tich Ennis

4th July, 2018



Tich Ennis

18th June, 2018

Don’t Know

I don’t know what I’m doing when I write these lines.

I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.

I do it for something to do. For you.

Tich Ennis

3rd April, 2018

Have You Seen This Man?

He wears many guises, many disguises.

Sometimes he is happy, sometimes he is crappy.

He pensively smokes a cigarette to fool you into thinking he thinks.

Even the Titanic sinks.

Other times he laughs out loud, he should wear a shroud.

If you see him handle with care, he almost isn’t there.

The pictures are variously called Cigarettes Can Kill and For Laughing Out Loud and do not hang in the Louvre.

Get in the groove.

Tich Ennis

30th March, 2018

My First Kiss

Not having achieved celebrity status I know you won’t be interested in this, my first kiss.

It was hit or miss.

Not exactly instant bliss.

A scientific experiment that failed, I had yet to reach the stars.

I gave up candy bars.

Tich Ennis

25th March, 2018