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On Behalf

May I speak on God’s behalf?

Don’t laugh.

Is flippancy a part of me?

Don’t rush to agree.

God is said to be truth, therefore true.

This is two poems at once.

Partly about God and about me in part.

God, do I break your heart?

Don’t answer, you might give me a fright.

I believe in you at night.

Does God believe in me?

I strain his credulity.

I’m running out of page, some other time.

I’ll go out while the weather’s fine.

Tich Ennis

13th November, 2018


Orphan Jukebox

I gave a jukebox to the men’s shed, then they fell apart.

They want me to take it back, that would break my heart.

So to a rubbish dump it goes, why did the men’s shed close?

You ask me, human nature, they could not get along.

That’s a common occurrence here, its an old Irish song.

The jukebox hails from 1956, if put together it would do its tricks.

Valves and all that, great sound, destined for a rubbish mound.

A hundred records, two hundred songs.

Is a rubbish dump where it belongs?

Tich Ennis

26th October, 2018


If I write my life story will it be biased, self serving and subjective?

I ask you the same, can you be objective?

About yourself of course, or would you want to be?

Are you self obsessed, like me?

If so, why would anyone want to know?

Am I a show off ever showing?

Am I a person worth knowing?

Is your opinion of yourself widely shared, I might ask myself the same if I cared.

Is your self esteem high or low?

I sincerely want to know.

About myself I don’t give a damn.

I think therefore I am.

That’s second hand, so what?

That’s your lot.

Tich Ennis

4th July, 2018