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Fool God

I am the God in whom you don’t believe, born it would seem to deceive.

Appearances are not reality, that’s true.

Do I fool you?

Tich Ennis

20th March, 2018


Old Secret

If I tell you a secret it won’t be a secret anymore.

I broke something on the floor.

I tell you although it happened years ago now.

You won’t read this anyhow.

Tich Ennis

17th March, 2018


Years ago Irish people weren’t allowed go to Mass.

Now they would consider it cruel if they were made go, I’ll let that pass.

Does science prove there is no God, I’m asking you?

You believe what suits you, that’s true.

I do.

Tich Ennis

13th March, 2018



To say the usual unusually, is that what is given to me?

More or less, you see.

I don’t use strange words, avoiding the absurd.

A thought occurred.

I write, I put it down.

Maybe a feather floating, a crowd in town.

I sing of the ordinary, but not only.

I am not lonely.

Death of a friend, life’s end.

Happy, sad, funny.

Life is worth the money.

All things are one.

Rise, oh setting sun.

Tich Ennis

11th March, 2018



Only Americans believe in leprechauns.

White Christmas, Donald Trump and colleen bawns.

The Irish long ago gave up that sort of thing.

We used to have a king.

One invited the English in, they stayed.

We don’t only drink lemonade.

The Americans love our music, so do I.

Theirs too, rhythm and blues until I die.

Tich Ennis

9th March, 2018



I pretend I have almost nothing to say.

When I speak at length people go away.

That’s all I have to say.

Tich Ennis

28th February, 2018


The Question

My best friend Michael O’Brien said I will be famous after I’m dead.

He died first, instead.

Do I want fame for myself, no.

The truth comes dropping slow.

I want what everyone wants but hardly dares to expect.

World peace, an end to war and argument as you might suspect.

I write my words, they say the same.

Allow children play a game.

Maybe Michael’s right, may my words be true.

I want a perfect world for you.

How about me too?

A perfect world requires perfected people, they are rare.

The burning question, do you care?

Tich Ennis

2nd February, 2018