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The churches are deserted, the shopping malls are too.

Virtual reality has taken over, its caught on like the ‘flu.

A good machine is better than a bad person I heard someone say.

I prefer flesh and blood, reality every day.

Young people don’t talk to each other, they’re all on the phone, leaving each other alone.

They can’t write a letter, they can’t even talk.

With a few exceptions who learned more than how to walk.

The flight from reality and other people is all around and getting worse.

People are a blessing, not a curse.

End of verse.

Tich Ennis

19th June, 2018



May the spark never die, oh fan it into a flame.

In a world of misery I am glad I came.

I have sinned to my eternal shame.

No way am I the only one, the many headed monster prowls beneath the Sun.

Someday, one day I will rise again when there is love between my fellow men.

Must I wait ‘til then?

The answer comes back no, begin again.

Tich Ennis

9th May, 2018