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I am an intellectual, I prefer Adrian Mole to Harry Potter.

Is Sue Townsend a better plotter?

I revel in the prose, God knows.

Mole appears pedantic, to me.

Is Potter frantic, do you see?

I only read one book of each, the first in each case.

Will Potter vanish without trace?

There appears to me to be more brain power in the one I prefer.

Both written by women, long live her.

Am I out of touch with popular taste?

For this are forests laid to waste?

Mole is, unfortunately for him, chaste.

Sue Townsend is R.I.P.

J.K. Rowling is still writing, she.

I said she because it rhymes with R.I.P.

Tich Ennis

6th November, 2018


The sins of others are very easy to see.

Who will tell my sins to me?

The truth is what is most hated, T.S. Eliot said.

Is it a secret until you’re dead?

I have been told I’m too perceptive.

The truth is a corrective.

What about those who don’t want to know?

Tell them, they shut up and go.

The Devil is a moving target, or evil if you prefer.

Its all around, spoken by him and her.

Good liar is a self contradicting term.

Hear the lie, disprove it, don’t be a worm.

So the sinner speaks to you.

May I speak only what is true.

I have been told I’m silly to smoke.

I don’t inhale, is that a joke?

Tich Ennis

29th October, 2018

Mentioning God

The world is made by people, the Earth is made by God.

We call Ireland the ould sod.

The world has walls and wars and borders and barriers, man made.

The Earth has Sun and showers and daylight and shade.

God favours virtue, we don’t follow his advice.

When it comes to the point we choose vice.

Cheer up, it might not happen, it already has said some lad.

Oh well, what the Hell, who is sane and who is mad?

Apparently in this world God is a dirty word.

How far have we travelled from the sublime to the absurd?

Oh love, oh truth, oh common sense.

Who worships in thy name, who sits on the fence?

Far be it from me to say I’m any better.

I mean this poem to the last letter.

What have I achieved, to what do I aspire?

Something higher.

Tich Ennis

20th July, 2018


Nearly everyone pleads not guilty and nearly everyone is, almost all.

Can you believe a word they say at all?

They go by the letter of the law, the crooks.

Lawyers have read books.

The spirit of the law seems not to count.

Lawyers are paid a large amount.

Getting off on a ridiculous technicality when they are guilty as sin.

The law is an ass, when does your sentence begin?

One law for the rich and one for the poor, which ones mostly go to jail?

Don’t ask, that is another tale.

Tich Ennis

15th July, 2018

Anti Semitism

Do only Jews complain about anti semitism, absolutely no.

Since when have I been a Jew, it only goes to show.

The fact that I mention Jews does not mean I discriminate.

I oppose discrimination against any colour, race or creed, basically I oppose hate.

How do I oppose, I never carried a placard, God knows.

I joined no mob, I didn’t always have a job.

The fact that I don’t shout does not mean I don’t care.

People like me are everywhere.

My brother says this reveals me as a do nothing sort of guy.

So I wrote this poem didn’t I?

Tich Ennis

9th July, 2018

Legal Consultation

Client: I want to sue a man for debt.

Solicitor: Does he owe you money?

Client: Yes.

Solicitor: Have you got the details?

Client, producing paper: Here.

Solicitor: I will write him a letter.

Client: Why?

Solicitor: So I can charge for it.

Client: What will it say?

Solicitor: Unless I receive the full amount from you within seven days I will have no option but to take legal action against you when you will become liable for the full amount plus costs.

Client: That’s not true.

Solicitor: What do you mean?

Client: You have another option. You could pay the debt yourself.

Solicitor: That would be unethical.

Client: If it goes to court what date will it be on? Will you be free?

Solicitor: I’m not free, I’m expensive.

Client: The law is open to everyone like the Ritz hotel.

Solicitor: We all have to live. Some of us very well.

Client: When will I hear from you?

Solicitor: In due course. We will allow the matter to resolve itself.

Client: Matters don’t resolve themselves, you have to resolve them.

Solicitor: My letter appeals to the good side of his nature if he has one.

Client: He is a white collar criminal.

Solicitor: Universal education leads to more white collar crime.

Client: That keeps you in business.

Solicitor: They usually get off.

Client: Why?

Solicitor: They can afford good lawyers.

Client: If there was no crime there would be no need for lawyers.

Solicitor: We have a vested interest in criminality.

Client: You can say that again. What happens if the money comes in?

Solicitor: It goes into my client account.

Client: Won’t that tempt you?

Solicitor: I can resist anything except temptation.

Client: In a perfect world there would be no lawyers.

Solicitor: Who wants perfection?

Client: Certainly not you. Will I let myself out?

Solicitor: Use the door marked exit. The law is not about justice its about the law.   The professions have mystique, that’s what you’re paying for.

Client: Don’t I know it. I’ll go before you lapse into Latin.

Solicitor: Veni vidi vici.

Client: Too late. I’m outa here. Arrivederci. (Exits, closing door. Solicitor rubs hands together. Curtain)

 Tich Ennis

7th July, 2018








Nail the Devil to a cross.

Is he any loss?

Do you give a toss?

Does rhetoric make you sick or do the trick?

Here comes the good guy in a white hat, that’s that.

Bad guys fall down, put on the thorny crown.

When you do I’ll follow you.

Should I be calm or give a damn?

Let’s not be cruel, let’s be kind screams the Devil as the nails go in, I’ve changed my mind.

Tough luck, too late, the biter bit.

How do you like it?

Don’t spit.

That’s it.

Or should we forget and forgive?

Live and let live?

What about you?

You too?

Tich Ennis

24th June, 2018

The World

The world is rather overwhelming, don’t let it get you down.

Always remember the old saying, a frown is a smile turned upside down.

Yes, its massive run by madmen with missiles and big guns.

You are only you, you have one Moon and not two Suns.

Persist, persist and travel on.

The man with the missile will be gone.

The Moon and Sun last on.

Tich Ennis

15th June, 2018

Moving Target

The Devil is a moving target, he moves me to tears.

To think that he turned out like that after all these years.

Will he ever reform, say, well that is that?

There’s hope for all of us, even a black cat.

Speaking for myself I moan, I wail, I weep.

What have I to look forward to?

At last a good night’s sleep.

Tich Ennis

8th May, 2018