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The Singing Stone

A stone sang to me and said set me free.

Must I just be?

Is it your will that I be a stone?

Leave me alone.

I want your throne.

Skim me across a lake for Heaven’s sake.

Or throw me and cause ripples where I land.

Doing nothing I can’t stand.

All the same I suppose I’m meant to be what you see.

Just me.

Tich Ennis

11th August, 2017


The good things and the bad things are both made by man.

Two sides of a coin, thats God’s plan.

Do you need to toss a coin to make your choice?

Choose good, then rejoice.

You made your choice.

A coin may balance on its edge.

Sucicides stand on a ledge.

In life we take rough with the smooth, good and bad.

Sane and mad.

Good makes you glad.

Tich Ennis

26th July, 2017

God’s Fatal Error

He made me. I let him down.

Into a hole in the ground.

The rest is history.

It is no mystery.

He trusted me.

I will exhume if I can.

To fulfill his plan.

God being God can rise again.

The question, when?

When I get down to it.

Should I do it?

I suppose so.

Here I go.

Call me mister Slow.

Now I know.

His mistake was mine.

It happens all the time.

Tich Ennis

26th July, 2017


Optimists in Ireland buy an open topped car.

Rain is not far away, not very far.

Sun hats are rarely seen, rare as blue sky.

Nor sunglasses, don’t ask why.

Sun lotion is not a big seller.

If you don’t know why ask Joseph Heller.

He may never have been in Ireland, I don’t know.

Today the sun shines and the wind doth blow.

Okay, a breeze.

Leaves rustle in the trees.

Swallows fly in times like these.

I need to recharge my phone.

I rang a friend, I’m not alone.

I look upward, I see a kite, the feathered kind.

And blue sky, oh never mind.

This is one of the few days you can wear Summer clothes.

A day to remember, one of those.

Tich Ennis

12th July, 2017


I speak for healing and for feeling, I am not the point.

To quote another person, the times are out of joint.

Seeking personal fame is not my game.

Though sad, I am glad I came.

Do I wish my work was better known?

Yes, although I seek no throne.

Egotism and self interest are a curse.

Things go from bad to worse.

If someone else said what I say would I go away?

Would I say nothing except that is good?

I hope I would

May I be so self-effacing as to be almost not there?

And care.

I cannot pretend I do not enjoy enjoyment, music, humour, fun.

Has the show begun?

I wish to join in, let the show begin.

I am no hermit though largely unknown.

Except to a self-selected few and sometimes on the phone.

I would like my words to ring around the Earth.

Spreading joy and mirth.

For all I’m worth.

Which is approximately nothing more or less.

Anyway, God bless.

I want nothing to be famous except the truth and what is true.

For me and you.

I am a crazy mixed up old man.

May I fulfil God’s plan.

This may mean nothing to you.

Once I had no clue.

I live in hope.

Call me a dope.

The never ending poem finally ends.

To use an old word, may I make amends.

I reserve the right to make a joke but that’s just me.

God gave me my personality.

I have given up pretending.

Love is never ending.

Tich Ennis

9th June, 2017

Hello God

You are so self effacing we don’t know you’re there.

I am a fool, I care.

You are bare.

The truth stands naked with nothing to hide.

I stay, I bide. I look inside.

You certainly are hard to find in the world, oh never mind.

I might say we drove you mad, to suicide.

You died.

If you are everything and everyone watch us do the same, have fun.

This is the circus, here comes the clown.

I will not let you down.

Tich Ennis

2nd May, 2017


Has God got it in for me, he’s testing me severely.

Why is it always maybe might not quite very nearly?

Okay, I press on, slain dragons at my feet.

Another rears his ugly head, more foes to defeat.

Take nothing for granted, there is no easy way.

A few helpful faithful friends cheer me up each day.

Alright, I won’t blame God, we’re on each other’s side.

A poem now and then may help to turn the tide.

Tich Ennis

28th February, 2017