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Is education any good?

Some people believe in superstition, touch wood.

To educate means to draw out not to force in.

Look it up, begin.

Half the subjects in university are there to make money for the university, they are not real, you see.

Can art appreciation be taught, can knowledge be bought?

What’s wrong with working with your hands, with tools?

The working class are taken for fools.

Maths and science, reading and writing, they are good. And some few others, use your common sense, you should.

Don’t let them turn you into a fool at school.

Tich Ennis

20th June, 2017


Dream Poetry

I dream poetry.

Is something wrong with me?

Sometimes I write them down.

Sometimes I am a clown.

Sometimes I shut up.

Sometimes I put up.

Like this one here now.

Its better than nothing anyhow.

Tich Ennis

26th May, 2017

No Poem

I thought I would write no poem about this. Bliss.

My poem Bookshop on the wall in the best bookshop of them all.

A photo there to prove it too, me and you.

The proprietor, my poem, me, there for all to see.

Johanna is her name, the bookshop her fame.

Bridge street Books in Wicklow town, of renown.

The picture may be somewhat blurry, don’t worry.

Sunlight shining in the door and on the floor.

That’s all today.

I’m on my way.

Tich Ennis

8th May, 2017

Lesson One

Nothing can be understood in terms of itself, therefore not the universe.

Don’t curse.

Numbers don’t count.

Infinity is a large amount.

Pay attention in class.

You ass.

What are or is words worth?

Heaven and Earth.

Its not playtime yet.

Don’t fret.

We’ll get there yet.

Later I will explain pedantic.

Some antic.

Stop watching the clock.

Winter is a cold shock.

I’ll larn you before you are much older.

Be bolder.

I am stone cold sober, not drunk.

It’s not what you thunk.

Now go out and play.

All day.

Is this okay?

Tich Ennis

17th March, 2017


In the periphery of my consciousness there lies an awful void.

I could develop that thought but I don’t want to get you annoyed.

Should I use words like periphery or even consciousness, why is the world such a mess?

I don’t know, I confess.

Okay, this void, this emptiness, how may it be filled?

When we don’t hear the word killed.

Still someone asks me what this poem is about.

I whisper, I don’t shout.

Do you feel left out?

I don’t want to hear the word killed any more.

Love is an open door.

Tich Ennis

13th March, 2017

False Promises

Play my cd and you’ll never die.

You’ll gain wisdom.

Never ask why.

You’ll know the reason you are here.

You’ll know all and everything.

You’ll understand Summer, Winter, Spring.

Great Irish Songs in the answer to everything.

Have a drink on me.

The best is yet to be.

Wait and see.

It’s best to live in hope.

You dope.

Buy a skipping rope.

Why not elope?

Sing in harmony.

With me.

My promise I fulfil.

Climb a hill.

What’s false about that?

Is a white cat black?

Don’t answer back.

When is a lie the truth?

I promise eternal youth.

Spoken highly of in this advertisement.

You know what I meant.

It’s Heaven sent.

Play it and see.

I hope and think you will agree.

That’s just me.

A paean of praise.

The end of days.

Be mad for a while.


Tich Ennis

2nd March, 2017

A Simple Man’s Prayer

Oh God, are you there?

It’s me on the line.

Turn water into wine.

But not all, we need a shower now and then.

I’ve been waiting for you since I don’t know when.

Some say you don’t exist, I know the feeling.

Wounds need healing.

If you’re busy another time will do.

So far I’ve left it up to you.

Will I do?

Tich Ennis

27th February, 2017