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Can I transcend my origins and rise above it all?

As a lark in the clear air sing a song of small?

Oh that I could oh that I would and see things as they are.

Maybe some day I will be at one with my guiding star.

Tich Ennis

14th June, 2018



Watch me growing old before your very eyes.

By accident I might say something very wise.

Tich Ennis

11th April, 2018

Pam Ayres

Has Pam Ayres improved with age, I did not like her on the page.

I thought she was too twee for me, you see.

But now at last her flowering comes, at school was she good at sums?

She’s funny, humorous, you know, she puts on a really good show.

Yes, I do enjoy her work, she makes out her husband is a berk.

She laughs at life, she laughs at age.

I will read her on the page.

She’s great on stage.

Tich Ennis

19th March, 2018

End Of Day

At the end of the day its midnight, the midnight hour.

Then a new day begins for its sins.

The day begins in darkness then becomes light.

Remember that tonight.

Tich Ennis

5th March, 2018