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Door Of Heaven

The door of Heaven is not locked, the handle is broken.

Does everything work in Hoboken?

Knock and they will let you in if they see you, or go in the back door.

Do you need to know more?

Is it really Heaven I’m talking about or Eddie Rocket’s in Arklow?

Its stopped raining, sooner or later I’ll have to go.

When can we have Heaven here below?

Let me know.

10th November, 2018

Nearly Everything

Nearly everything people tell you is wrong, what’s that song?

Christ said put not your faith in man, I include women too.

Do you?

Just the other day a woman had something to say.

She was proved wrong next day.

If you say something I’ll wait and see.

That’s me.

Who said it, is that true?

I wouldn’t believe it if I was you.

So what, I don’t care, if it happens it happens, oh yeah, pigs might fly.

Its all my eye.

Tich Ennis

6th October, 2018

Get This Straight

Being from Ireland or any part of it doesn’t mean you’re great.

Do I get shot for saying that, what is my fate?

How about the people in jails and looney bins and the dail?

Are they Irish all?

We all have our cross to bear.

I don’t care.

Tich Ennis

23rd March, 2018