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Far be it from me to mention Mars.

Even further away are stars.

They don’t all have names or if they have them I don’t know.

I have not been introduced here below.

I know one is called North, possibly South, the morning star is somewhere about.

Its strange to think they are always there but can’t be seen in daylight, so there.

We are neighbours in the milky way, I know that for a fact, our galaxy, okay?

I could go on for a light year and a day.

I appear not to have mentioned the Sun.

I have not time to name every one.

I notice I mentioned I a lot.

Am I big in the Cosmos?

Not a jot.

That’s your lot.

Tich Ennis

19th June, 2017



Where is a man with a better brain than me?

I need some help you see.

I mean what the Hell, oh well.

I know what I want but not how to do it, I’m not a bloody expert in everything.

I know almost nothing about some things, how can I know everything?

I could pay someone to do it if I had money, that’s funny.

Experts can be a pain in the arse, someone told me to go somewhere and ask for Mr. Jarse, Hugh Jarse.

I can’t make my website, that’s what I’m saying.

Should I try praying?

Swearing at technology doesn’t make it work but it makes you feel better.

End of letter.

(I apologise for cursing and swearing.

It’s a substitute for caring.

Some man in India and many others have offered help, at a price.

If you want a thing done right do it yourself, that’s my advice.

Einstein’s brain has been preserved.

I am unnerved.)

Tich Ennis

18th June, 2017

Crime Scene Investigator

I saw a guy with that on his tee shirt, I thought, what crime?

He looked more like a hippy, maybe he served time.

Perjury is committed thousands of times every day on both sides in court.

On my oath I heard that, the truth to abort.

I have some legal experience, but not vast.

I sailed before the mast, in my past.

I’ve seen the law from both sides, I sailed among the flowing tides.

Crimes against humanity are committed by just who?

Me and you.

Has Sherlock Holmes a clue?

Tich Ennis

15th June, 2017

From Outer Space

I look you in the face.

And myself, what a disgrace!

Is there any point in continuing to complain?

Are things as right as rain?

How may the old advise the young?

My song and yours are not yet sung.

Do you want to hear my last gasp?

Cleopatra did it with an asp.

Suicide is pointless, fate does it for you anyway.

All things come to he who waits, tomorrow is another day.


Someday I may devise a pill.

To cure our ill.

Please God I will.

I have not given up hope.

I am taken for a dope.

Have I been given enough rope?

A child may skip, a child may swing.

Children know best, they do their thing.

To whom is given let him give.

Live and let live.

Tich Ennis

6th June, 2017

Read Me

Are you known for what you say or what you do?

I could ask, me too?

Does it matter if you are known and if so, who to?

Only you?

Sometimes what a person says more or less is what they do if you for example are or were Mark Twain.

Or indeed Jane Austen, ladies first, must we go through that again?

At least you are not dead.

I take that as read.

Tich Ennis

31st May, 2017

New And Old

Be not afraid of the new, who was once new, you.

Do not grow old before your time, sense may be found in a rhyme.

The old has a lot to say for itself as well, Heaven is preferable to Hell.

Learn as you go along, sing a new and an old song.

When you stop learning you are dead, to quote a song, right said Fred.

Tich Ennis

29th May, 2017


I have the name of this poem written but what will I say?

A journalist’s problem that will not go away.

I have part of a page to fill more or less against my will.

Its quite easy, really, let it flow, hold on and don’t let go.

I had something quite different planned but this happened instead.

I am old but not quite dead.

This poem has zero to do with the title or headline.

Its over, I made my deadline.

Tich Ennis

17th May, 2017