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The truth when perfectly stated is irrefutable.

Is that disputable?

Who says, you?

What am I to do?

Is one and one two?

Does the truth lie only in facts?

What about people’s acts?

Do you say motive matters, so do I.

May the truth lie in a lie?

A lie is the mirror opposite of the truth, as Shakespeare might say, forsooth.

So therefore yes.

When the truth is spoken is anybody’s guess.

I know I am not Plato, Plato is dead.

I speak instead.

Tich Ennis

12th October, 2018



Can you listen to the Devil and demolish his argument?

Do you believe a lie is Heaven-sent, your chance to prove the true, at last the real you?

If so I shall attend your disputation.

If not, I avoid without hesitation.

Argument does not necessarily mean a row.

A student should know that, anyhow.

When all are white collar who will drive the plough?

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2018


Have you seen something done by someone who doesn’t know how?

It could be plastering a wall or milking a cow.

Or making toast, enough examples for now.

Is it that they don’t know or don’t care?

A bit of both, try someone else, he or she is there.

It looks easy when done by someone who knows but that is not the case.

Knowledge is hard earned, there is no such thing as instant skill, can you make lace?

Many want your money, quality costs less in the long run.

Ask someone whose judgement you trust to recommend a person who does a good job or burn your fingers, you can’t trust everyone.

I could say more and will someday.

As the country and western song has it, parents of teenage daughters get down on your knees and pray.

Tich Ennis

4th October, 2018

How To Do It

How did you do it? By finding out how.

You know more now.

You would know how to do that sort of thing.

So would you if you did not act like a king.

What do you mean, I am a human being.

You must be humble and admit you don’t know, ask questions, that is the way to go.

Is that what you did, kid?

Yes, until I was blue in the face.

The human race is a disgrace.

Have you learned anything today?

I learned your way.

If I don’t apply, ask why.

Because you are a fool.

Did you learn nothing at school?

How to play the fool.

You learned well, you could have fooled me.

When will you and I agree?

Knowledge is hard earned and learned.

Do not despise the wise.

They were like you, me too.

There are a lot like you.

Waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

Tich Ennis

21st July, 2018

Waiting For Tomorrow

I’m waiting for tomorrow when the money comes rolling in.

What will I do with it, I won’t buy a bottle of gin.

I’ll go to the bank and pay interest on my credit card loan.

Then I may call to the pub before finally going home.

I’ll buy some cigarettes and maybe pay for some I got on credit in a shop.

My money will be disappearing, but not quite to the last drop.

I may go to the café and possibly meet a girl.

Whatever, its not the end of the world.

Tich Ennis

19th July, 2018


Its no good if it isn’t new young people say, do you?

They are new, will they be old, that depends on them if truth be told.

What they eat and what they drink, their brain will last if they think.

Do you kill yourself with kindness, even I should smoke less.

Being young is something you grow out of given time, do you see yourself in this rhyme?

Does your mirror lie, do I?

I am old, I watch you passing by.

Build your past, it will not last.

Live now, anyhow.

Tich Ennis

12th July, 2018


The Jews live in Israel because no one would take them in when they were being gassed.

They remember, do you forget the past?

Do they go in for what the Americans call overkill, they fight for their lives, what would you do in their place, I wait for your answer still.

It would all be much simpler if there were no Jews, genocide, Hitler tried.

Presumably Palestinians think the same, but not all.

Nor are all Jews of one mind in matters large and small.

In ancient times Christ lived there, he too was a Jew.

He said love one another, do you say that too?

Jews cheered him then killed him the next day.

Humanity, is that your way?

Which side are you on or is there a side?

Apart from genocide and suicide.

Yes, it depends on trust and love.

These are in short supply, Heaven’s above.

Peace is a miracle in which some believe.

Believe what you choose, Adam and Eve.

If I had the answer I would say it, well I do say it, its here for all to see.

Who says it? Me.

Must I say it over and over, are you dense?

Is love past tense?

Forgive and forget is the best way.

Let a poor poet have his say.

You would if the others would, why not you first?

Must we cry are we forever cursed?

I a mere ham sandwich eater tried.

Who says I lied?

I write not putting myself first.

That’s how you do your best not worst.

Are my words wasted on the desert air?

I care.  I care.  I care.

May we share.

If you wait for perfection it will never be.

Who is perfect?  Not me.

Forget your bloody history.

And me.

Tich Ennis

12th July, 2018

Tich Ennis

11th July, 2018