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Its no good if it isn’t new young people say, do you?

They are new, will they be old, that depends on them if truth be told.

What they eat and what they drink, their brain will last if they think.

Do you kill yourself with kindness, even I should smoke less.

Being young is something you grow out of given time, do you see yourself in this rhyme?

Does your mirror lie, do I?

I am old, I watch you passing by.

Build your past, it will not last.

Live now, anyhow.

Tich Ennis

12th July, 2018



The Jews live in Israel because no one would take them in when they were being gassed.

They remember, do you forget the past?

Do they go in for what the Americans call overkill, they fight for their lives, what would you do in their place, I wait for your answer still.

It would all be much simpler if there were no Jews, genocide, Hitler tried.

Presumably Palestinians think the same, but not all.

Nor are all Jews of one mind in matters large and small.

In ancient times Christ lived there, he too was a Jew.

He said love one another, do you say that too?

Jews cheered him then killed him the next day.

Humanity, is that your way?

Which side are you on or is there a side?

Apart from genocide and suicide.

Yes, it depends on trust and love.

These are in short supply, Heaven’s above.

Peace is a miracle in which some believe.

Believe what you choose, Adam and Eve.

If I had the answer I would say it, well I do say it, its here for all to see.

Who says it? Me.

Must I say it over and over, are you dense?

Is love past tense?

Forgive and forget is the best way.

Let a poor poet have his say.

You would if the others would, why not you first?

Must we cry are we forever cursed?

I a mere ham sandwich eater tried.

Who says I lied?

I write not putting myself first.

That’s how you do your best not worst.

Are my words wasted on the desert air?

I care.  I care.  I care.

May we share.

If you wait for perfection it will never be.

Who is perfect?  Not me.

Forget your bloody history.

And me.

Tich Ennis

12th July, 2018

Tich Ennis

11th July, 2018


Land of my birth what are you worth?

In pounds shillings and pence, have sense.

Foreigners choose to come here to live, why?

Is it a good place to die?

If you come looking for logic you came to the wrong place.

We are from another planet, outer space.

We are great at complaining, that’s a complaint.

Am I a foreigner, I ain’t.

Saint Patrick was a foreign saint.

Pubs used to be expensive, now you couldn’t give them away.

Are drink driving laws here to stay?

If young people ran things would everything be better or are they too busy boozing, or choosing?

Why doesn’t someone do something, who, me?

Wait and see.

If talking was a cure we’d all be well.

Make your own Heaven or Hell.

I’m stuck here anyway, I’m lazy.

Land of the crazy.

When someone says jump do you ask how high?

You are not I.

I did not choose my place of birth, I had no choice.

Land of James Joyce.

Why do Irish people emigrate?

Can’t they stand each other or at least tolerate?

The wind is so blowy I can’t write my poem, it turns over the page.

Yet I don’t feel rage.

Nothing’s ever perfect here.

I take solace in beer.

I drink therefore I am.

Do you want bread with your jam?

Shaw the Irish writer said a patriot is a person who thinks a country is the best in the world because he was born in it, funny but true.

I’ve met the type, have you?

They bore me to death, things are good because they’re good, not because of where they’re from.

There are good things about Ireland, don’t get me wrong.

Music, horses, pubs, talk, scenery to name a few or three.

Least of all me.

Can we agree?

I should have got a haircut today but that will have to wait ‘til Monday now.

Some say poets should have long hair anyhow.

En passant means in passing in French, so I speak.

When will I get through to you, the middle of next week?

Read between the lines, not all the time.

Talking too much is an Irish crime.

The Irish romanticise their history, don’t you?

I’ve got news for you, romance is not true.

Tich Ennis

7th July, 2018

Get It Straight

If you have to be told something is good it isn’t, get that straight.

If it suits you it suits you, maybe your dinner on a plate.

Who are they to tell you good or bad, it’s a matter of opinion, theirs or your own.

Yours is as good as theirs, say leave me alone.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, that’s true.

I like rock ‘n’ roll, do you?

Mozart is good in older age I find.

Make up your mind.

Tich Ennis

1st July, 2018


Can a perfect poem save the world? If so, let it be.

The world should be poetry.

To read means to understand.

People of whatever land.

Don’t have anything worth robbing and you won’t be robbed.

This poet is not double jobbed.

But enough of me, too much talk of me.

Who will make the blind to see?

Some other me.

Could it be I?

If not, why?

Something to do before you die.

How wonderful if everything would rhyme.

For all time.


Tich Ennis

30th June, 2018

The Right Thing To Do

If you dismiss the world as rubbish is that the right thing to do?

I say no, do you?

Its not all bad, somewhere there is gold.

Dig deep and you will find wealth untold.

What to do with all the rubbish, all the spoil?

Evidence of toil.

Produce less, or none at all.

God save us all.

Make something of it, something worthwhile.

Beneath the grass you too will lie after a while.

Tich Ennis

28th June, 2018

Make People Think

To write an app to make or help people think is an impossible task like making a perpetual motion machine, which I have on good authority is not possible. Not even the universe is a perpetual machine. Have you heard of entropy? Look it up. There is a finite amount of energy in the universe, use it sparingly.

Some American said do a person’s thinking for them and they love you, make them think and they hate you. Do pupils love school? Not unless it has been dumbed down to their level. Or their teachers’.

Was that American right? Not all Americans are wrong. It is racism to say otherwise. The same applies to all other races and conditions of men and women. And boys and girls. And babes in arms, or men in arms. Delete that.

My brother wishes to make or have made for him with a little help from his friends such an app. He attempts or wishes for the impossible.   Thinking made easy.

Signs of the times. When young I visited offices with this sign on the wall, We work miracles, the impossible takes longer. Also, You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps. That last sign was never in government offices, the only ones where it always should be.

A machine to make people sane? Who would buy? Thinking for Dummies.  Remember, the mad think themselves sane.   Are you mad if you don’t think? Don’t all rush to answer.   A Critique of Pure Reason says reason alone is not enough but does not recommend unreasonableness. Do you?

When ignorance is bliss ‘tis folly to be wise. Love is a form of madness, which has many forms. According to some it does not last long, unless it becomes an obsession, itself madness. Most famous mathematicians went mad. Maybe they always were.

Van Gogh did his best work in a mental home, so what’s wrong with being mad? Why don’t people think, is it that they can’t or won’t? Or just don’t want to. See the American above.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on the matter always bearing in mind that thoughts are mad. But always? Cure cancer if you can. And self inflicted or life style illnesses. It’s a matter of choice. Your life style. Have you an attitude problem? Join the club.

Have I made you think? Did it hurt? Take your brain out of cold storage. You’ll be dead long enough, from the neck up or otherwise. Are your feelings hurt?   Do you do outrage? Well or otherwise?

There’s nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so, William Shakespeare. A literary gent.

If you make a think app before my brother infinite riches could be yours. Does that whet your appetite? Fame too. Your name in the papers, on everybody’s lips. Celebrity here you come!

Our brain is the thing with which we think we think. Who said that? I did. Copycat.

Nerds have taken over the world, haven’t you noticed? Swots. Teacher’s pets. There’s no power like brain power. All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anyway, if you’re up to it, make a think app. And a perpetual motion machine while you’re at it. You too could invent an atom bomb. Or a cure for cancer. All you need is a think app.

What are you waiting for? Someone to do it for you?


I think that’s all I’ve got to say, today. Its up to you now. I’ll leave it to you. I know we are in good hands.   I’ll twiddle my thumbs.   Wait and see. That’s me. Thanks for taking this burden from me. I know you can do it.

Does flattery work with you? No, but keep going I hear you say.

I await the future.

Don’t take this literally but I could murder a pint.

Tich Ennis

27th June, 2018