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Smoking Habit

I am condemned to outer darkness because I smoke.

Life is no joke.

Sorry I spoke.

Tich Ennis

23rd March, 2018


Anonymous Letter

I am who you don’t know but I know you.

I saw you through the keyhole too.

Be not afraid, I shall not spill the beans.

Do it yourself by all means.

Headlines in the paper inches high.

People will know your name before you die.

In the meantime carry on.

I’m watching you, I’m here, I’m gone.

Tich Ennis

27th December, 2017

Oh Human Race

I gave you a chance, you spat in my face.

You are a disgrace.

You had a chance, you blew it.

Look at me, there’s nothing to it.

I’ll have a word with your superior, you are irredeemably inferior.

Rich and poor alike, get on your bike!

I cannot depend on you, human zoo.

You may say, pot calling kettle black.

Don’t answer back.

Ignore me at your peril, Gerald Durrell.

Cyril and Beryl.

I’m glad I’ve got that off my chest.

I do my best.

You are my test.

I’ll change my vest.

You write the rest.

Tich Ennis

22nd December, 2017

Deathbed Scene

I got up off my deathbed for a last fling.

I’m wearing my pyjama top, I haven’t changed a thing.

Okay, I stole the first line from Rolling Stone.

I mean the magazine, leave me alone.

My shoes are more or less falling apart.

Still serviceable, don’t break my heart.

I wear clothes until every molecule wears out.

There is a smell when I’m about.

All my life I wanted to be a dirty old man.

I have achieved God’s plan.

Don’t cross until you see the green man flashing.

As a young man I was dashing.

Warning to young men, girls turn out like their mother.

I should know, I watched them grow, here comes another.

A couple fell in love and married in an old folks home.

Perhaps they spent their honeymoon in Rome.

Did they make it home?

How would you like to be buried beside me, asked Jimmy O’Dea.

He said that, not me.

Sentimentality is not my cup of tea.

Jimmy O’Dea was a comedian, must I teach you history?

Sometimes blue, like me not you, I dispel mystery.

Some people seem thick as a brick or plank.

Taking offence easily to be frank.

Hell, they are no friends of mine, get lost, drop dead.

I have said what I have said.

Tich Ennis

18th December, 2017


I don’t need to shave because I grew a beard.

The truth is most feared.

I do need to wash my face to be in a state of grace.

Sometimes I wash my hands.

I listen to rock’n’roll bands.

Or did in times gone past, the future is catching up with me fast.

Its pointless complaining that I have to cut my nails, my patience fails.

I do get out of bed, well said.

I am alive until I’m dead.

I enjoy life more or less.

God bless.

Tich Ennis

16th October, 2017

Good In Parts

I am good in parts like a curate’s egg.

I do not have a wooden leg.

Some people should be brought down a peg.

But what of others, what of I?

I do my best before I die.

We can but try.

Far from perfect, okay.

Have it your way.

Not without a glimmer of hope.

Mostly, but not always a dope.

See the good and not the bad.

Sometimes the best of us are mad.

Tich Ennis

8th July, 2017


You can’t depend on the weather in Ireland or anything else at all.

Hear politicians talking, they might as well be talking to the wall.

They make no sense at all.

Ireland is rather small.

Does it punch above its weight in anything or is it fate?

We’re not bad at talking, when will we start walking?

We wrote some books, we sang some songs, we tried to right some wrongs.

Occasionally, once or twice, we get it right.

We emigrate, take flight.

Beannacht De libh, good night.


Another wonderful day, as Beckett said.

Cheer up, you could be dead.

Tich Ennis

30th June, 2017