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I don’t know who you are who agree with me.

I don’t try very hard, you see.

Poetry comes easily to me.

In real life I almost do not act.

That’s a fact.

Still, its nice to know some are of one mind with me, one mind.

The truth is hard to find.

But yet easy, everyday.

It never goes away.

Some of you are damaged goods and some are not.

Whoever you are, thanks a lot.

The last line of a poem is often hardest to write, the last line.

The truth is yours and mine.

Don’t try to write a poem, let it come.

Write some.

Tich Ennis

8th November, 2018


Save The World

If I wrote the perfect poem to save the world would you read it?

If I gave you a million pounds would you need it?

Would you thank me for it before you put it in the bank?

I don’t expect much of you, to be frank.

People everywhere breathe air.

Some wear masks, pollution doesn’t care.

Some say things are getting better, some say worse.

It’s a bit of both, here comes your hearse.

Who will save the world from us, from each other?

Are you leaving it to me and my brother?

Or another?

Tich Ennis

6th November, 2018

Agreeable Me

I tend to agree with what people say, agreeable, that’s me.

Except whey they talk tripe, some fruit is overripe.

You need to hear both sides of the case, a real judge does, wash your face.

Am I all right and you’re all wrong, is that your song?

I hear you on radio and TV, you are disagreeable, you see.

I wish you wouldn’t all talk at the same time.

I recommend one microphone at a time.

The angry are so sure and certain.

Can both sides be right, bring down the curtain.

Tich Ennis

3rd November, 2018

Heartfelt Plea

This is my heartfelt plea.

What do you want from me?

Good humour, jokes, pigs in pokes.

I offer all these, may I mention fleas?

Big fleas have little fleas on their backs to bite ‘em, and so on, ad infinitum.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way what else have I to say?

I dislike horror camps and torture chambers, some are born to lie in mangers.

I like meeting strangers.

A stranger may become a friend, some drive you round the bend.

Does my serious side make you consider suicide?

Its not all doom and gloom, its fairly cold in this room.

What price fun and laughter, may I say happy ever after?

Okay, a cliché, if only I knew what to do.

To please you.

More of the same from whence I came.

Its early days yet, I want a winning bet.

I’ll get there yet.

You bet.

I am a rambling rover.

This poem’s over.

Tich Ennis

1st November, 2018


It does mean now.

A metaphor, a parable, an apple falling from a bough.

In principle it’s the principle of things.

Ask peasants and kings.

The principle applies, get wise.

You must learn to apply.

Apply or die.

That’s life, your story, the story you tell.

Now and forever you sound the bell.

The bell may be cracked, who cracked it, you?

Fix it, fix it, fix it, that’s what to do.

Have I made my meaning clear?

Now is not next year.

Now is here.

Here and now.

Put your hand to the plough.

Tich Ennis

30th October, 2018


Everyone is busy except me.

I am as busy as a monkey in a tree.

Darwin says I’m descended from an ape.

If I was Superman I would wear a cape.

I rang various people to no avail.

Are they all in jail?

For what crime, wasting time?

I might mention a coconut, I could, but.

Halloween is coming, spare a child a nut.

Tich Ennis

23rd October, 2018

Coffee Shop

Am I the sole customer in the coffee shop?

Are bricks and mortar coming to a full stop?

Is mortality all its cracked up to be?

What about me?

Have I no one to talk to, no one with whom to converse?

It could be better, it could be worse.

Later I will go to the shopping centre, business is slow.

And to the cheap supermarket, then home I go.

The coffee shop is here, there are five.

Sometimes I wonder why am I alive.

What rhymes with strive?

Tich Ennis

17th October, 2018