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Can you listen to the Devil and demolish his argument?

Do you believe a lie is Heaven-sent, your chance to prove the true, at last the real you?

If so I shall attend your disputation.

If not, I avoid without hesitation.

Argument does not necessarily mean a row.

A student should know that, anyhow.

When all are white collar who will drive the plough?

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2018



Christ turned water into wine, not cocaine.

He caused no one pain.

A temporary thrill, a temporary high, sooner you die.

Who knows best, fools or the rest.

Mental illness, family breakdown.

Are these worth a night on the town?

Who pays, who has the money, is life cheap?

Are you smart or are you wise, will you weep?

Watch your love life fall apart, think before you start.

How may I prove to you that common sense is true?

Children are victims too.

Tich Ennis

3rd October, 2018


If I make money from audio recordings, which is a moot point, should I try to make more from spread betting, as I did before?

One depends on the other because spread betting companies require a copy of a person’s bank statement before allowing them to place a bet, and my statement now is more or less a round number, zero. But it would not be if ifs were ifs and I made money as a recording or audio book star, unlikely because one recording is barely started and the other one has not been put up for sale by technologically illiterate me.

A person, spread better or otherwise, should prepare for all eventualities. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. (Politicians please note). Why would I want more money if I had enough? Much wants more, they say. I’m not really a singer. Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret. So is my existence. To all but a few.

I am not a fan of pointless activity, nor often of any kind of activity. Therefore, probably no spread betting. I only won once but I did it well and do know how, now. I learned about life the hard way. (This is my mind meandering).

I came last in races at school and was told I could not sing but was the best reader in the class. So I was told. So I have or had saving graces. If I do my best and nothing happens that would not be unprecedented. If I do less than my best, what then? Do everything a hundred per cent or not at all. Half hearted efforts get you nowhere. Its all the way or nowhere, baby. Pep talk to myself.

Not being a fortune teller I can’t tell the future. About myself particularly. If a person wants to do something they do it, otherwise its just talk. Which, God knows, there’s too much of. I am a poet, but you don’t get rich writing poetry. (What about John Betjeman and Ogden Nash? Were they exceptions?)

Do I want to be rich? No. Do I like being poor? I put up with it. Is there any point in anything? Yes. Or so I would like to prove. Watch this space.

Tich Ennis

17th September, 2018

The Abyss

I dwell in the abyss, is it of my own making?

Love is there for taking.

It has been said love is giving.

Am I living?

I must give and give and give.

Then, only then, I live.

Life is real, life is hard, its not so bad when you try.

Try before you die.

Or live a lie.

I talk to me, I talk to you.

To be is to do.

That’s telling you.

Me too.

Tich Ennis

15th September, 2018

So Little

So many people know so little and they seem to know it all.

When you ask them they know nothing at all.

Then why do they act like they know everything when they don’t know a thing?

A peasant pretending to be a king.

Oh I don’t know anything about that they proudly say.

They would if they bothered to find out, is ignorance here to stay?

Ask the right person the right question, that’s my suggestion.

Return to source of course.

Persist to the very end my friend.

Tich Ennis

25th July, 2018

How To Do It

How did you do it? By finding out how.

You know more now.

You would know how to do that sort of thing.

So would you if you did not act like a king.

What do you mean, I am a human being.

You must be humble and admit you don’t know, ask questions, that is the way to go.

Is that what you did, kid?

Yes, until I was blue in the face.

The human race is a disgrace.

Have you learned anything today?

I learned your way.

If I don’t apply, ask why.

Because you are a fool.

Did you learn nothing at school?

How to play the fool.

You learned well, you could have fooled me.

When will you and I agree?

Knowledge is hard earned and learned.

Do not despise the wise.

They were like you, me too.

There are a lot like you.

Waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

Tich Ennis

21st July, 2018

You And I

We are born and then we die.

The stuff of life comes in between.

Maybe an ice cream.

Coffee in a café now and then.

Some are boys and some are men.

Some complain when they’re left out.

What have they to shout about?

Sometimes some come together in bliss.

A kiss.

Then friendship, company and talk.

Some enjoy a hike or walk.

Our stories are all different but start and end the same.

Are you glad you came?

Life may not be without trial.

To say otherwise would be denial.

Are you born to cry or smile?

To get to school I walked a mile.

What price happiness and when?

Now and then.

I lay down my pen.

That’s life, make of it what you may.

Between sunrise and sunset is the day.

Is this okay?

Tich Ennis

18th July, 2018