Climate Change Conference

Boris Johnson is in charge of an international climate change conference and he screws up before he starts. Climate change is the most important thing on Earth because it involves the preservation of life on the planet, human and otherwise. The conference should be taken out of his hands and given to what the West calls a third world country to organise, some of them are really doing something about it, not talking and doing nothing.

A dictatorship like the Chinese could force people to change their behaviour but they aren’t doing anything either. If nothing is done we all die. Its that simple. We have to live in harmony with each other and nature or cease to live. We had two world wars to save each other from each other, with disastrous consequences.

If we don’t care about the future we won’t have a future. The future is real and is happening now. Australia burns, the ice caps melt. Before our eyes and we do nothing. How real does it have to get? Its almost too late. Words alone mean nothing. The Earth is our home, home is where we live, what do we put first?

`We are in denial, pretending it isn’t happening, action is needed now. To use a phrase from Mr. Trump’s America, reality bites. It will eat us up if we pretend it isn’t real. Pretence and doing nothing gets no one anywhere. Nowhere is where we are going under current leadership. Its coming fast. You have noticed, its beyond denial.

I am a poet. Who listens to me? No one.   Have it your way. Its your choice. Life or death. I prefer life. Who am I to say? Do something while you have time. Something or nothing for all of us.   I am old, what about the young? If you care, act.

You live with your choice or you die with it. The choice is yours. So far, thanks for nothing. How about leaders who lead?   In the right direction, life. For all of us.

For what its worth, peace on Earth.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 8th February, 2020

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