Heart And Reason

Rationality is not all its cracked up to be but it means a lot to me.

There is reason in my rhyme all the time.

Art comes from feeling in a room beneath the ceiling.

At other times below the sky.

It pays to wonder why.

The more you depend on yourself the less you depend on anyone else.

Einstein looked into his heart, he said where do I start?

I love heart and brain as one beneath the Sun.

At 78 have I begun?

I am my mother’s oldest son.

There was one before, he is no more.

I have seen the sea and shore.

I sailed, I flew.

Did you?

Walked and talked too.

Enjoyed the view.

I live in Ireland below the 55th parallel.

My choice of Hell.

Where I was born, I believe in the world although I have not seen it.

You name it, I have been it.

The Earth and the world are not the same thing, it pays to use distinction.

People make the world and may lead us to extinction.

The world has borders, Earth has none.

Madness and love exist beneath the Sun.

What is the square root of one?

Its one you fool, did you not hear that at school?

Perhaps you did not listen many don’t I do.

Here’s looking at you.

Welcome to the Milky Way.

I’ve had my say.

For today.

What is the reason for this rhyme?

I wrote it because I had the time.

If you wish, analyse.

I don’t tell lies.

What’s good about goodbyes?

We coexist in time.

End of rhyme.

This is rather long and people don’t like that.

I had a dog and cat.

That’s that.

I just read this to my brother, he called it the meanderings of a madman, a happy madman.

I do what I can.

To make it clear, reason is not everything.

Heart is king.

Tich Ennis

4th July, 2019

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