The World

The world is getting madder by the minute and I’m in it.

My best friend is dead, I talk to you instead.

How to drive the world sane, by bus or plane?

Madness is obviously catching, I caught it a bit there just now.

Is there a psychiatrist in the house anyhow?

Just what is driving the world mad, can we not stand each other?

How dare you think differently from me even if you are my brother?

What is a madman’s ultimate cure?

Mutual annihilation to be sure.

That cure is worse than the disease.

DDT kills not only fleas.

If you want to be mad, go ahead.

In the long run we’re all dead.

The long run could be sooner than we think.

Some turn to drink.

Friendliness and cooperation seem to me better than war.

I think, that’s what I think my brain is for.

Ok, there may not be war, we just live at daggers drawn.

In mutual hostility before the dawn.

One thing, I am Irish and when everyone else goes madder it makes Ireland appear relatively sane.

Should I complain?

Tich Ennis

23rd April, 2019

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