On 1000 followers

BeingAware has become my 119th or 120th follower, I am unsure which, but anyway my most recent follower.   I have decided to follow her in return. She is, I think, only the second blog writer whose blog I have decided to follow.

I infer, rightly or wrongly, that BeingAware is (a) Indian, (b) female, (c) a teacher of children and that (d), English is not her mother tongue. Her English is not perfect, but what is? Whose is? I enjoy her posts anyway, hopefully for the right reasons.

Why has BeingAware 1002 followers and I only 119, give or take one?   Firstly, the population of India is larger than the population of Ireland, give or take the population of the U.K. thrown into the bargain, which it is not. Secondly, there is or are probably other reasons but they escape me at this moment in time. Now.

If I translated my blog posts into Gudjarati and other languages how would they come out? They say poetry is lost in translation, whatever that means. I have read ancient Greek poetry translated into English and loved it. Also Russian, but not so ancient. A poet should translate poetry. Is GoogleTranslate a poet? I have yet to be convinced.

A nephew of mine whom I won’t name in case he is shy but I doubt it said people only follow other people to get them to follow them in return. That’s why I mostly don’t follow others. Also, lack of time. My nephew is not a teenager but may be a cynic, an affliction of the teenage years from which some never grow up. Or, as he might like to put it, a realist.

An optimist wears braces to keep his trousers up, a pessimist to stop them falling down. I wear a belt of the webbing variety which may be shut anywhere, unlike those ones with holes in them never in the right place. Personal detail.

A friend of mine, now deceased, said they had those belts in the U.S. army. They also give a free packet of cigarettes a day, how generous. And you can get drunk in the bar, but not on duty. And they have hamburgers, so its just like real life.

It takes all sorts to make a world. Including me and BeingAware. So get used to it.

This has been a crash course in normality. It’s a big wide wonderful world out there. Now you know. By the way I’m Irish, but that’s not an affliction. Hasta la vista!

Tich Ennis

27th June, 2018




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