I speak for healing and for feeling, I am not the point.

To quote another person, the times are out of joint.

Seeking personal fame is not my game.

Though sad, I am glad I came.

Do I wish my work was better known?

Yes, although I seek no throne.

Egotism and self interest are a curse.

Things go from bad to worse.

If someone else said what I say would I go away?

Would I say nothing except that is good?

I hope I would

May I be so self-effacing as to be almost not there?

And care.

I cannot pretend I do not enjoy enjoyment, music, humour, fun.

Has the show begun?

I wish to join in, let the show begin.

I am no hermit though largely unknown.

Except to a self-selected few and sometimes on the phone.

I would like my words to ring around the Earth.

Spreading joy and mirth.

For all I’m worth.

Which is approximately nothing more or less.

Anyway, God bless.

I want nothing to be famous except the truth and what is true.

For me and you.

I am a crazy mixed up old man.

May I fulfil God’s plan.

This may mean nothing to you.

Once I had no clue.

I live in hope.

Call me a dope.

The never ending poem finally ends.

To use an old word, may I make amends.

I reserve the right to make a joke but that’s just me.

God gave me my personality.

I have given up pretending.

Love is never ending.

Tich Ennis

9th June, 2017


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