Are you taking the pill of life? Is it doing you good?

It will, touch wood.

Touch wood is superstition, never mind.

The harmless kind.

As long as you don’t believe it, take it or leave it.

For what or when or where is life the cure?

Illusion? Delusion?

Is the cure worse or better than the disease?

Are you on your knees?

I mention fleas.

In times like these.

Take the tablets one day at a time.

Read rhyme.

Life sentence for what crime?

Yours or mine?

Live coward or dead hero?

You killed your mother, Nero.

Must we take the blame?

For shame.

The first world war was based on illusion.

I thought I’d just say that, the hero delusion.

Stupidity has no limit nor the potential of the human race.

We live in more or less disgrace.

So it seems to me.

You may or may not agree.

Should we fight about it, shout about it or live in harmony?

What’s best for you and me?

Have you a clue?

How do you do?

I end here.

Thanks for your ear.

(Must I spell things out as to a child?

Peaceful tribes live in the wild).

Tich Ennis

19th May, 2017


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