My Wish

I wish to speak the truth and be believed.

Is a tree more beautiful when bare or leaved?

God is truth, it once was said, now it is said that God is dead.

Dictators want you to believe a lie.

If you don’t say yes they make you die.

It is true many don’t believe their eyes, they believe in lies.

Out of the frying pan into the fire.

Kill a king and then expire.

It must be asked, what is belief?

I admire an Autumn leaf.

People believe what suits them or from hate or fear.

That is not belief, come here, come here.

A mother may love her child, that is true.

Why believe anything but the truth, I don’t, do you?

Your truth is what you are and what you do and how and why.

That is no lie.

Must I speak the truth before I die?

I’d say so, but what do I know?

As a child in the playground someone spoke these words to me.

This is part of my history.

You are a poet and you don’t know it, that’s what he said.

I am alive, truth is not dead.

I am no more important or less important than you.

That is true.

I go out to drink coffee and smoke.

I enjoy a joke.

I’m not sorry I spoke.

Tich Ennis

15th May, 2017


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