Spoiler alert. No, my website does not exist, except in my fertile imagination. Howandever, the components are being assembled, such as they are. I am making the bricks but have still to serve my time as a bricklayer.

I will have an About clickeroo as is conventional in these matters and have just made the film to go with it. Okay, the text is from my blog, the audio track I ‘laid down’ today. Here, not Sun studios.

This is it:


the real thing.

I call it About Tich Ennis. That’s its working title.

The components are more or less all made. Perfectionism, my sister said, is a sin, it is Hell to be one. A perfectionist. Specially when no one notices. Why, I asked my sister, is perfectionism a sin? She did not know. She fell asleep in class.

I like to know why. I am a whiner. (Pun).

Quite likely this is all you will get until the whole website is up and running. Apart from the odd poem, of course. God only knows (Beach Boys) when my website will appear. The future has been postponed.

They also serve who only sit and wait,

Tich Ennis

24th April, 2017


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