Crap Detector

When my crap detector reaches overload will I choose a different road?

The crap is as high as an elephant’s eye, it reaches from here to the sky.


Crap merchants are all around, peddling crap in sight and sound.

Good stuff is few and far between, sometimes I think it exists only in a dream.

When you talk crap you are crap, get that straight.

Thanks very much for Hell, Heaven can wait.

Poet, peasant, fisherman, must I spell it out?

Do we rely on the benefit of the doubt?

I very nearly said the truth will find you out, why not?

Some people say you should be shot.

Thanks very much for crap, it is not food.

You are to blame for our bad mood.

If things go on this way I’ll make it clear.

Give you a clip on the ear.

I’ve had it up to here.

God, am I only here for the beer?

I don’t want to fall at the last fence.

Pardon me, are we dense?

I turn away, I laugh, I joke.

I spoke.

One more thing. I don’t eat crap, speak crap or write crap.

Who’s the sap?

Tich Ennis

11th April, 2017


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