Clarifying Things

I wish to make a website. So why don’t I? I have to find out how first. See also my blog Learning, which makes it appear easy. But there’s more to it than meets the eye, there always is. The Devil is in the detail.

I will use WordPress as my website maker.

I have my website designed on paper and the component parts made and collected together, along with url links to things on video sharing websites I want to share. I want clickable icons or pictures to take a viewer to those sites, and I have those icons together also.

So, how to do it?   I searched Google for relevant assistance and knowhow. Here are links to ones I found useful for my purpose:

How To Make A Website:

Image Links:

WordPress Image Positioning:

Hopefully more or less all I need to know is explained in those descriptions.

At least I hope so. What is a website? What is it for? What can it do? What can it be used for? Look at other people’s websites for an overview, and read, read, read.

Can you put what you want where you want how you want on your website? Yes, with some difficulty, or so it seems to me, more or less. The designer or maker should be in control, not the software or else the designer is not designing. A pencil does what you want, would you have it otherwise?

So I will click on those links and climb the learning curve. Several times, maybe taking notes. Easy when you know how, a nightmare when you don’t.   Here goes nothing,

Tich Ennis

30th March, 2017


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